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International Bareboat Skipper (IYT)
    An uncontrolled rounding up into the wind, usually from a down wind point of sail. broad reach. (point of sail) sailing in a direction with the wind at the rear comer (the quarter) of the boat. approximately 135° from the bow of the boat.

Uncontrolled, английский

Approximately, английский
  1. Approx.

  2. Приблизительно

  3. Приблизительно, около

Approximate, английский
  1. Приблизительный ар-ps ammonium perchlorate-poly- styrene (propellant) полистирол- перхлоратаммониевое ракетное топливо

  2. Приблизительный

  3. Приблизительно

G.m.t, английский
    Greenwich mean time. the time at the prime meridian in greenwich, london, england. now referred to as universal time coordinated u.t.c. gooseneck. the strong fitting that connects the boom to the mast, great citcle a line drawn on a chart which is accurate over a long distance, a section of the earth which intersects the center of the earth.

Pult, английский
    An increase in wind speed.