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Lend a hand

Морской словарь
    In naval parlance this means “please help.” the command to do so is “bear a hand.”

Hand, английский
  1. The terminal, prehensile part of the upper limb in humans and other primates, consisting of the wrist, metacarpal area, fingers, and thumb

  2. Handling

  3. To furl a sail.

  4. Mano

  5. The part at the end of the arm, beyond the wrist, which is used for holding things  he injured his hand with a saw.  verb to pass something to someone comment: the hand is formed of 27 bones: 14 phalanges in the fingers, 5 metacarpals in the main part of the hand, and 8 carpals in the wrist. hand, foot and mouth disease hand, foot and mouth disease /hnd f?t ?n ma?? d?zi z/

  6. N рука coding haplology n гаплология1

  7. A phrase often used for the word man, as, “a hand to the lead,” “clap more hands on,” &c.—to hand a sail, is to furl it.—to lend a hand, to assist.—bear a hand, make haste.—hand in the leech, a call in furling sails. to comprehend this it must be understood that the leech, or outer border of the sail, if left to belly or fill with wind, would set at naught all the powers of the men. it is therefore necessary, as falconer has it, “the tempest to disarm;” so by handing in this leech-rope before the yard, the canvas is easily folded in, and the gasket passed round.

  8. [1] a member of the crew (probably derived from the saying “one hand for the ship and one for yourself ”). [2] a side of the vessel (e.g., the starboard hand). [3] to furl a square-sail (able seamen had to be qualified to “hand, reef, and steer”).

Hand, шведский

Hand, нидерландский

Hand, немецкий

Hand, английский

Hand, английский

Hand, английский

Hand (points), английский
    Term used to denote the turnout direction of a set of points.

Hand - held - tester, немецкий

Hand addressing, английский
    Устройство ручной адресации

Hand ball, английский
    A foul where a player touches the ball with his hand or arm; the opposing team is awarded a direct free kick.

Hand basin, английский

Hand bearing compass, английский
  1. Ручной пеленгаторный компасс

  2. Ручной компас-пеленгатор

Hand bomber, английский
    A ship using coal-fired boilers shoveled in by hand.

Hand brace, английский

Hand brake, английский
    A mechanical device used to secure a rail vehicle against movement. can also include spring parking brakes.

Hand brake bell crank, английский

Hand brake bell crank bracket, английский

Hand brake bell crank chain, английский

Hand brake bracket, английский

Hand brake chain, английский
    The chain that provides the connection between the handbrake lever and the brake rigging.

Let the cat out of the bag, английский
    This phrase, which today implies divulging secret information, originated when a shipboard flogging was about to occur and the boatswain ceremoniously removed the cat-o’-ninetails from its blood-red storage bag.

Left in the lurch, английский
    Some sources claim that this phrase, commonly meaning to be trapped helplessly while others make their escape, refers to a ship failing to recover from the heavy roll known as a lurch. in fact, it is probably derived from the popular 16th century french game of lourche. in this game, which is said to have resembled backgammon, anyone who fell so far behind that a win was virtually impossible was said to “demeurer lourche” (live in lurch). the word also occurs in the more recent game of cribbage, where a player who is less than half-way around the board when the winner finishes is said to have been “lurched’ and loses double the stake.