29 , 2019

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10 , 2018

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02 , 2018

Professional translation means...


Public armed vessel

    A privately-owned craft converted for naval use, commissioned by a state and crewed by its military, but not part of the official navy. (see private armed vessel.)

Public health service corps,
    This service evolved from the united states marine hospital service. its commissioned officers wear united states navy uniform, and rank insignia identical to that of naval officers with unique and distinctive corps devices. two different sets of rank titles are used. most common are the standard naval ranks, but there are also titles that identify the specialty of the officer. for example, a commander (o-5) is also a senior surgeon, and the head of the corps, known as the surgeon general, is a vice admiral (o-9).

Proximity fuse,
    A device for detonating a mine or missile when near to, but not in contact with, a target.