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Logarithmic function

Глоссарий по вычислительной технике
    Логарифмическая функция

Functio, английский

Functio [onis, f], латинский

Function, английский
  1. Функция

  2. The particular work done by an organ  what is the function of the pancreas?  the function of an ovary is to form ova.  verb to work in a particular way  the heart and lungs were functioning normally.  his kidneys suddenly stopped functioning. ‘…insulin’s primary metabolic function is to transport glucose into muscle and fat cells, so that it can be used for energy’ [nursing ’87] ‘…the aids virus attacks a person’s immune system and damages the ability to fight other disease. without a functioning immune system to ward off other germs, the patient becomes vulnerable to becoming infected’ [journal of american medical association]

  3. N функция article, language aspect ~ аспектная функция communicative ~ коммуникативная функция conative ~ конативная функция contextual ~ контекстная функция emotive ~ эмотивная функция individual generalizing ~ индивидуально- генерализующая функция individualizing ~ индивидуализирующая функция informative ~ информативная функция interpersonal ~ интерперсональная функция metalingual ~ металингвистическая функция phatic ~ фатическая функция poetic ~ поэтическая функция qualifying ~ квалификативная функция sign ~ знаковая функция strictural ~ функция сужения totalizing ~ стягивающая функция

  4. Функция airy`s stress ~ функция напряжений эри

  5. A function is a relationship that takes zero or more attributes and returns a single item that may be compound. in class and frame based systems, a function that takes a single term and returns a single term is sometimes called a slot. a multivariate function is a function that returns a compound object, such as a list or an array, which may be regarded as the specification of a single multi-dimensional item. see also: anonymous, class, function, slot.

  6. In mathematics, a relation between two or more 32 variables so that the values of one are dependent on, determined by or correspond to values in the other variables, its arguments; a transformation whose range is uniquely specified by its domain. in algebra and set theory, functions are often called many-to-one mappings or images. in processes of communication, functions are found in equivocating (->equivocation) codes. there is no presumption that a function must take numbers as arguments, nor that the correspondence be lawful. it can result from entirely arbitrary conventions (->symbol). the structural-functional school of sociology sees the parts of a social system to behave in such a way that they satisfy human and social needs and maintain one another and the totality. in this theory, regularly occuring acts that serve this purpose are called functions whereas those opposed to this are called dysfunctions. ~ theory

  7. A component which can be included in a synchronization rule or a workflow definition to process data values.

  8. A data service operation that is bound to a uri that does not have a sideeffect on data exposed by the data service.

  9. A piece of code that operates as a single logical unit. a function is called by name, accepts optional input parameters, and returns a status and optional output parameters. many programming languages support functions.

  10. A prewritten formula that simplifies the process of entering calculations and enables the user to use formulas that might be difficult to build from scratch.

  11. A standalone segment of code with a clear set of inputs and output that performs a speci c function and returns a value. it is essentially a procedure that returns a value. giga- - a pre x for a billion, (109) as in a gigabyte or gigahertz or gigabananas (billion bananas).

Function activity, английский
    A workflow activity for simple data manipulations as a result of a request, e.g. concatenating the first name and last name of a user to produce the display name.

Function analysis system technique, английский
    Системный метод функционального анализа

Function argument, английский
    Аргумент функции

Function box, английский
    Функциональный блок

Function button, английский
    Функциональная клавиша; функциональная кнопка

Function call, английский
  1. Вызов функции; обращение к функции

  2. A program’s request for the services of a particular function.

Function call operator, английский
    Оператор вызова функции

Function call tree, английский
    Дерево функциональных вызовов

Function character, английский
    Управляющий символ

Function check-out, английский

Function code, английский
    Код режима работы; режим работы function-compatible совместимый по функциям; функционально-совместимый

Function compiler, английский
    Полнофункциональный компилятор

Function constant, английский
    Функциональная константа

Function control, английский

Function conversion, английский
    Преобразование функции

Function curve, английский
    Кривая действия (в графике)

Function declaration, английский
    A statement consisting of a return type, followed by the function name, followed by a list of the names and types of formal parameters enclosed in parentheses.

Function declarator, английский
    Объявление функции

Logarithmically divergent kernel, английский
    Логарифмически расходящееся ядро

Logistic spiral, английский
    Логарифмическая спираль