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17 ноября, 2019

Разный язык – разное восприятие мира

16 ноября, 2019

Новый болгаро-турецкий словарь

16 ноября, 2019

Завершился V международный литературный конкурс "Армянские мотивы"

Поиск в глоссариях:  

Проект международного стандарта

Информационные технологии (словарь)

    Dip, английский
    1. A downward variation in the running surface of a rail as may occur at welds or rail ends.

    2. Display information processor

    3. Dual-in-line package

    4. Data integration program

    5. Abbreviation for dual in-line package. an electronic package with a rectangular housing and a row of pins along each of two opposite sides.

    6. Of a trap, 1 the lowest portion of the inside top surface of the channel through the trap.

    7. The inclination of the magnetic needle towards the earth. ( see dipping-needle.) also, the smallest candle formerly issued by the purser.

    8. [1] to partially lower the national ensign and then raise it as a form of salute. [2] a correction for the height of eye above the water when making a sextant observation. [3] downward inclination of a compass needle due to the earth’s magnetic field. [4] to lower the shorter end of a lugsail yard so as to shift it to the opposite side of the mast when tacking. [5] a heavenly body crossing the meridian is said to “dip.” [6] any flag or pennant not fully-raised is “at the dip” (the author recalls being summoned to the bridge and his captain demanding “who is dead?” followed by “you hoisted the ensign at the dip” when in fact it was only about two inches below the cap!).

    Корректировать;, русский

    Узел коммутации пакетов (в x.25), русский