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Synchronous transmitter-receiver

Словарь сокращений по вычислительной технике

    Str, английский
    1. Symbol timing recovery

    2. Sea test range

    3. Straight

    4. Strainer

    5. Strength

    6. Structural

    7. Strut

    8. Sustained turn rate

    9. Systems technology radar

    Synchronous, английский
    1. Синхронный

    2. A data signal that is sent along with a clock signal. a system in which events, such as signals, occur at evenly spaced time durations. opposite of asynchronous. t

    Synchronous (adj), английский
      Pertaining to applications or commands run in the order listed and that must finish before the next application or command is run.

    Synchronous (start-stop) margin, английский

    Synchronous altitude gravity gradient, английский
      Experiment исследование гравитации на синхронной орбите

    Synchronous altitude meteorological satellite, английский
      Метеорологический спутник на синхронной орбите

    Synchronous altitude spin- stabilized, английский
      Experiment исследование проблемы стабилизации вращением на синхронной орбите

    Synchronous astrocompass, английский
      Синхронный астрокомпас

    Synchronous coherent, английский

    Synchronous communication, английский
      Communication which takes place in the same time frame. examples are live teleconferences which must be viewed when they are glossary/82 broadcast. if the teleconference is taped and viewed later, it becomes asynchronous communication - communication which takes place at the convenience of the end user through the technology of video tape recording.

    Synchronous communications satellite, английский
      Стационарный связкой спутник «синком»

    Synchronous compensator, английский

    Synchronous data, английский
      Information available at the same time. to test option-pricing models, the price of the option and of the underlying should be synchronous and reflect the same moment in the market.

    Synchronous data compression, английский
      Сжатие синхронных потоков данных (технология фирмы motorola)

    Synchronous data exchange, английский
      A style of processing where an application requests that an event occurs and waits for the event to complete, so that the application is certain of the result of its request before it proceeds.

    Synchronous data flow, английский

    Synchronous data link control, английский
    1. Синхронное управление передачей данных (сетевой протокол)

    2. Cisco technology handbook: sdlc and derivatives

    3. A type of link service used for managing synchronous data transfer over standard telephone lines (switched lines) or leased lines. the data transmission protocol most widely used by networks conforming to ibm’s systems network architecture (sna). sdlc is similar to the hdlc (high-level data link control) protocol developed by the international organization for standardization (iso).

    Synchronous data-like control, английский

    Synchronous digital hierarchy, английский

    Synchronous digital hierarchy (sdh), английский
      The international version of sonet, the synchronous optical network standard. the biggest difference is in the names of the transmission rates.

    Synchronous dram, английский

    Synchronous earth observatory satellite, английский
      Стационарный спутник «сеос» для изучения динамики изменения факторов окружающей среды

    Stradis, английский

    Scientific and technological information, английский