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Acoustic image

Глоссарий по оптической обработке информации и голографическим образам

    Акустическое изображение, русский

    Acoustic, английский
    1. Акустический

    2. A акустический feature, phonetics, technique instrumental ~ инструментальная акустика

    Acoustic anemometer, английский

    Acoustic artificial voice, английский

    Acoustic attenuation, английский

    Acoustic back-up control system, английский
      Акустическая вспомогательная система управления (подводнш оборудованием)

    Acoustic baffle, английский
      Sonar arrays are extremely sensitive to underwater noise and have to be protected from propeller cavitation, wake disturbance, machinery noise, and other sounds generated by the vessel. to this end a sound-attenuating shield or baffle is placed between hull-mounted sonar and the propulsion system (see baffle zone).

    Acoustic beacon, английский

    Acoustic beam deflector, английский

    Acoustic charge transport, английский
      Акустический заряд переноса

    Acoustic control and telemetry system, английский
      Система акустического контроля и телеметрии

    Acoustic control system, английский
      Акустическая система управления (подводнш оборудованием

    Acoustic coupler, английский
    1. A device that allows a conventional telephone handset to feed its signal into a modem, as opposed to direct couplers, which feed the modulated/demodulated signal directly into the phone line.

    2. Акустический адаптер; акустический модем; акустический соединитель; устройство сопряжения на базе акустического модема

    Acoustic coupler (in telephonometry), английский

    Acoustic coupling monitor, английский

    Acoustic crack detection system, английский
      Акустическая система обнаружения трещин

    Acoustic diffraction, английский
      Акустическая дифракция

    Acoustic echo cancellation, английский

    Acoustic echo canceller, английский
      All speakerphones have some form of adaptive echo canceller that produces a synthetic replica of the potential echo to subtract from the transmit audio. most units have a center clipping echo suppresser to remove the residual echo from the transmit signal. the goal of the acoustic echo canceller is to reduce the amount of direct and reverberant loudspeaker coupling to the microphone to prevent echo. to achieve this, the algorithms used in today`s devices require an audio system that is feedback stable.

    Acoustic echo return loss - aerl, английский
      The minimum loss experienced by a sound in traveling from the loudspeaker to the microphone in a conference room. it is expressed in db or decibels. a 0 db loss corresponds to a perfectly reflective room or to very close coupling between loudspeaker and microphone. in practice, aerl figures can range from 0 to -30 db, with a poor room having the former figure.

    Acoustic echo return loss enhancement - aerle, английский
      The maximum echo cancellation provided by the acoustic canceller. typical figures will vary from 6 to 18 db. the larger the number the better. it is important to note whether the figure is quoted with the center clipper enabled or disabled. if quoted with center clipper disabled, it is a true measure of the cancellation provided by the echo canceller rather than the attenuation provided by the center clipper.

    Acoustic emission monitoring technique, английский

    Акустическое изображение, русский

    Акустический псевдоголографнческий микроскоп, русский