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Spray pre-treatment

Powder Coatings Glossary
    Chemical pre-treatment in which the chemicals are applied byspraying

Pre-treatment, английский
    (chemical or mechanical) cleaning and passivation of the substrate

Pre-treatment - special process taken before drying or early in the drying process to accelerate drying rate, modify colour, or prevent checks and other drying defects., английский

Spray, английский
  1. Ruissellement

  2. 1. a mass of tiny drops  an aerosol sends out a liquid in a fine spray. 2. a special liquid for applying to an infection in a mass of tiny drops  throat spray or nasal spray  verb 1. to send out a liquid in a mass of tiny drops  they sprayed disinfectant everywhere. 2. to spray an area with liquid  they sprayed the room with disinfectant.

  3. Fine particles of water blown or thrown into the air. see spume.

  4. Брошка в виде веточки

  5. Распыленное топливо

Spray - type dehumidifier, английский

Spray and pray, английский
    Shoot as many images as possible and that hope and pray you got something good. not a philosophy i personally recommend.

Spray arrester gear, английский
    Аэродромное задерживающее устройство с водяным тормозом-распылителем

Spray bonding, английский
  1. A process of binding fibers into a nonwoven fabric involving the spray application of a fabric binder.

  2. Bonding, 2

Spray booth, английский
    An enclosed or semienclosed area used for the spray painting of fabricated items; may be equipped with a source of filtered air to keep the atmosphere dust-free, a waterfall backdrop to trap overspray, and an exhaust system to vent the fumes of the evaporating solvents.

Spray booth., английский

Spray calcined melted waste, английский

Spray calcined waste, английский

Spray can, английский

Spray catcher, английский

Spray coater, английский

Spray cooling, английский
    Refroidissement par ruisselle-

Spray cooling device, русский

Spray detonation, английский
    Детонация в аэрозоле

Spray disposal machine, английский
    Дождевальная машина для удаления сточных вод на почву

Spray dome, английский
    Купол распыла

Spray drift, английский

Spray drying, русский

Dip pre-treatment, английский
    Chemical pre-treatment method in which the parts are immersed in a bath filled with chemicals

Separating agents, английский
    An agent used in the production of injection-molded parts to prevent sticking in the mold