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Powder center

Powder Coatings Glossary
    Component of the fresh-powder feeding system, which includes the powder/fluid container and the injectors

Cent, английский
  1. I center

  2. Centrifugal

Cent, английский

Cent re-type machine, английский
    Центровой станок; станок для обработки в центрах

Cent sign, английский
    The -? character.

Cent(e)ring, английский

Cent., c., английский

Centa, английский
    Centro nacional de tecnologia agropecuaria (el salvador)

Cental, английский

Centar grada, сербский

Centaur, английский
    Civil engineering technologies for automatic roadmaking (dsnp)

Centaurea cyanus (cornflower) extract, английский

Centaurea cyanus distillate, английский

Centaurus, латинский

Centaurus, i, m, латинский

Centcon, английский
    Centralized control facility

Centelleo, испанский

Centena decies millia [orum, npl], латинский

Centenarian, английский
  1. Человек ста (и более) лет

  2. A person who is 100 years or older. there were 2,300 centenarians identified in the 1980 u.s. census.

Centenary, английский

Centennial, английский
    An exhibition in philadelphia in 1876 that celebrated america’s 100th birthday.

Centeno, испанский

Over-curing, английский
    Curing of the workpiece in the furnace at an exces­sively high temperature or for an excessively long retention time

Color standard, английский
    Color shade as standardized by institutions (ral, ncs, pantone, etc.)