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Resistance to ground

Powder Coatings Glossary
    Describes the measured resistance between the workpiece surface and the ground connection

Ground, английский
  1. Territory on which a logging operation is being conducted (19).

  2. Refers to electricity's habit of seeking the shortest route to earth. neutral wires carry it there in all circuits. an additional grounding wire or the sheathing of the metal-clad cable or conduit—protects against shock if the neutral leg is interrupted.

  3. A conducting connection, intentional or accidental, between an electric circuit or equipment and the earth or some conducting body serving in place of the earth.

  4. Земля; заземление; наземный

  5. Control. unit блок наземного управления

  6. Земля; наземный

  7. The bed of the sea.

  8. An electrical connection to the earth, generally through a ground rod

  9. N псхл. фон, основа

  10. Дно моря

  11. [1] the sea bed. [2] to strike bottom— if accidental, the vessel “runs aground”; if intentional, she “takes the ground.” [3] the land surface of the earth. [4] in electrical engineering; (a) a conducting body—such as the earth, an object connected to the earth, or a ship, aircraft, or vehicle—whose potential is taken as zero; (b) the connection of an electrical conductor to such a ground; (c) the device—such as a stake or iron pipe—that makes such a connection. ground-control: guidance of naval aircraft by a controller on the ground or aboard ship to intercept an enemy, reach a target, or to land on the carrier or ashore. ground-effect vehicle: a (usually) propellerdriven machine that can move over a relatively even surface such as water, marshland, or flattish terrain, while floating on a trapped cushion of low pressure air provided by two or more downward-thrusting fans. often called air-cushion vessel, surface effect vessel, or hovercraft.

  12. Any rock or rock material.

  13. As used by miners, any specific part of a mineral deposit, or the rock in which a mineral deposit occurs.

  14. In electricity, a connection with the earth; a nega tive or ground plate.

  15. Наземные работы (в отличие от подземных и подводных); работы, производимые на поверхности земли; ~ at the surface работы на поверхности земли; ~ below ground (level) подземные работы; ~ carried out on site работы, выполненные на стройплощадке; ~ done in sections работа, выполненная отдельными секциями [частями]; ~ in open excavations работы в открытых выемках [горных выработках] ;~ in progress (строительные) работы в стадии выполнения, выполняемые [производимые] (строительные) работы; объект в стадии строительства; ~ in water работы, производимые в воде [под водой]; ~ near water работы, производимые близ водоёмов или рек; ~ on schedule работы в процессе выполения (по графику); работы, предусмотренные планом [графиком] ~ of deformation работа деформации ~ of external forces работа внешних сил ~ of internal forces работа внутренних сил

  16. Electrical term meaning the electrical potential of the earth`s surface, which is zero.

  17. The zero signal reference point for a group or system of audio components. also, a short term for `earth ground`.

  18. 1) soil, rock or fill in place prior to the execution of the

  19. The background color in a composition, also called the field color.

Ground, английский

Ground (control), английский
    Наземное управление, управление с земли

Ground -, английский
  1. Англ, цокольный этаж, первый этаж (на уровне земли)

  2. Горизонтальное проложение; расстояние на местности

  3. Первый слой лакокрасочного покрытия

Ground - level grillage, английский

Ground addressing, английский
    Передача (данных) на землю (с борта л л)

Ground alert, английский
    Дежурство «а земле

Ground anchor, английский
    A device used to secure a structure from lateral or vertical forces.

Ground angle, английский
    Посадочный угол

Ground attack, английский
    Атака наземных целей, штурмовка (с воздуха); вариант штурмовика (о л а)

Ground attack fighter, английский

Ground backup instrument, английский
    Наземный резервный прибор ~

Ground bait austral, английский

Ground bar, английский
    An electrical conductor which forms a common junction for a number of ground conductors. ground beam 1.a groundsill. 2. a horizontal heavy timber or reinforced concrete beam at or near ground level for distributing a load which it supports.

Ground based surveillance systems, английский
    Системы наблюдения наземного базирования

Ground beef, английский

Ground boss, английский

Ground brush, английский
    An oval or round paintbrush used for covering large areas.

Ground bus, английский
  1. A bus to which grounds, 3 from individual pieces of equipment are connected; the bus, in turn, is connected to the ground at one or more points.

  2. Шина заземления

Ground buss, английский
    A heavy plate (typically copper) used as a common connection point to which audio equipment is grounded.

Ground casing, английский
    The blind casing of a window. ground coat 1. a first coat of paint or enamel, particularly when designed to show through a topcoat. 2. a porcelain enamel applied directly to the base metal to function as an intermediate layer between the metal and the cover coat.

Resistance, английский
  1. Property of a conductor that opposed the current flow produced by a given difference of potential. the ohm is the practical unit of resistance.

  2. Уровень сопротивления - уровень цен, при котором активные продажи могут приостановить или развернуть тенденцию к повышению;

  3. Сопротивление (параметр)

  4. Сопротивление

  5. Сопротивление, т. е. уровень цен, при котором активные продажи могут приостановить или развернуть тенденцию к повышению.

  6. 1. the ability of a person not to get a disease 2. the ability of bacteria or a virus to remain unaffected by a drug  the bacteria have developed a resistance to certain antibiotics. 3. opposition to a force

  7. Resistencia

  8. Устойчивость; резистентность resource for child health (reach)

  9. Устойчивость; резистентность

  10. The property of opposing movement, for example [1] electrical conductors offer resistance to the flow of electricity and dissipate some of its energy, usually as heat. [2] water resists the movement of vessels or other objects by parasitic drag, consuming some of the power available to drive the vessel forward.

  11. Imperviousness of the coating to mechanical, chemi­cal, physical or weather influences

  12. Capacity of a member or component, or a cross-section of a member or component of a structure, to withstand actions without mechanical failure e.g. bending resistance, buckling resistance, tension resistance

  13. A material’s ability to restrict the flow of electrical current through itself. measured in ohms.

  14. The opposition of a circuit to the flow of current . resistance is measured in ohms, and can be calculated by dividing the voltage by current.

  15. The ability to impede (resist) the flow of electric current. with the exception of superconductors, all substances have a greater or lesser degree of resistance. substances with very low resistance, such as metals, conduct electricity well and are called conductors. substances with very high resistance, such as glass and rubber, conduct electricity poorly and are called nonconductors or insulators.

  16. An effective upper bound on prices achieved because of many willing sellers at that price level.

  17. Capacity of a component, or cross section of a component of a structure to

  18. The opposition to the flow of an electrical current through a conductor or circuit that does not include inductive or capacitive elements. it can be expressed as the ratio of the applied voltage to the current.

  19. Resistance is the opposition to the flow of an electrical current through a conductor. its unit is the ohm.

Connection, английский
  1. Liaison

  2. Соединение; связь

  3. In steel construction, a combination of joints capable of transmitting forces between two or more members. connector 1. in an electric circuit, a device for joining two or more conductors, by a low-resistance path, without the use of a permanent splice. 2. a mechanical device for fastening together two or more pieces, members, or parts, including anchors, fasteners, or wall ties.

  4. Патрубок с фланцевым соединением

  5. A link via wire, radio, fiber-optic cable, or other medium between two or more communications devices.

  6. Someone with whom a user has established a mutual social relationship on a third-party service that refers to such a relationship as a connection.

Penetration behavior, английский
    Describes the penetration of the coating powder into inneredges, cavities and recesses duringthe coating process

Adhesive strength, английский
    Describes the adherence of one material to another; during coating, the adhesion of the powder coating to the substrate