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Faraday cage

Powder Coatings Glossary
    Electrostatic phenomenon that makes coating in cavities and inneredges difficult

Cage, английский
  1. Canadian automatic ground

  2. Common air ground environment (system)

  3. Computerized aerospace ground equipment

  4. An iron cage formed of hoops on the top of a pole, and filled with combustibles to blaze for two hours. it is lighted one hour before high-water, and marks an intricate channel navigable for the period it burns; much used formerly by fishermen.

  5. A structure of elastic iron rods slipped into a borehole around the drill rods to stabilize and reduce tendency of rods to vibrate.

  6. The container for the ball in a ball valve.

  7. Friction head 2, 4. a wire guard or screen in pipes to prevent pas sage of solids. 5. a frame with one or more platforms, used to move men and materials up and down a mine shaft.

Cage bar, английский

Cage chain, английский

Cage cover, английский

Cage d'escalier, французский

Cage d`armature, французский

Cage d`armature prefabriquee, французский

Cage d`escalier, французский

Cage en plein bois, французский

Cage guide, английский

Cage hoist, английский

Cage mill, английский

Cage pallet, английский

Cage seat, английский

Cage sheet, английский

Cage shoe, английский

Cage stop, английский

Caged, английский

Caged beam, английский
    A beam enclosed in a casing, 2, usually by a fire-rated construction. cajun cottage 163 caementum caen stone a stone from caen (in normandy)

Caged column, английский
    A column enclosed in a casing, 2, usually by a fire-rated material; also

Caged column. cased frame, boxed frame, box frame the wood frame of a double-hung window; has hollow jambs or mullions which contain the sash counterweights. cased glass, case glass, overlay glass glass formed of two or more fused layers of different colo, английский

Electrostatic, английский

Phenomenon, английский
  1. 1. a fact or situation which can be observed 2. someone or something that is considered to be extraordinary and marvellous

  2. A condition with various possible causes in which the blood supply to the fingers and toes is restricted and they become cold, white and numb. also called dead man’s fingers, vasospasm [described 1862. after maurice raynaud (1834–81), french physician.] rbc rbc abbr red blood cell rcgp rcgp abbr royal college of general practitioners rcn rcn abbr royal college of nursing rcog rcog abbr royal college of obstetricians and gynaecologists rcp rcp abbr royal college of physicians

  3. In diabetes mellitus, a swing to a high level of glucose in the blood from an extremely low level, usually occurring after an untreated insulin reaction during the night. it is caused by the release of stress hormones to counter low glucose levels.

  4. Явление; эффект

Streaking, английский
  1. Elongated irregularities in the coatingthickness or the effect appearance of metallic powder coatings

  2. Пробег по улице в обнаженном виде (своеобразная форма протеста против общепринятых правил поведения; практикуется студентами, часто из обеспеченных семей)

Metallic pigments, английский
    Effect pigments added to the powder coating to achieve special surface characteristics: mica, chrome effects, etc.