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Powder Coatings Glossary
    Frame, rod or rail for suspension of the workpiecesto be processed

Suspension, английский
  1. El acto de parar un proceso judicial por orden del tribunal

  2. Подвеска

  3. Приостановление

  4. A liquid with solid particles in it

  5. To relieve an officer of his duties for up to ten days as a non-judicial punishment. a longer suspension may be allowed if court-martial is pending.

  6. Временная отставка, временное отстранение от должности до решения вопроса об увольнении временное (не более чем на 10 дней) отстранение студента или школьника от занятий в наказание за нарушение правил внутреннего распорядка

  7. Means whereby vehicle body is supported on its undercarriage, comprising springs, dampers and locadng hnkages.

  8. The combination of tires, wheels, hubs, spindles, control arms, springs, struts, shock absorbers and related parts that support the chassis and body as the vehicle moves down the road.

  9. Bath.

  10. This is when an employee is sent home from work, usually while receiving full pay. employers are entitled to suspend

  11. Suspension is the practice of temporarily banning an employee from a job or from the entire workplace for breaking specific company rules.

  12. An employee is sent home for a period of time, usually without pay, as a disciplinary measure.

  13. Often relating to springs, where support is given in furniture.

Adhesion water dryer, английский
    Furnace for drying of the workpieces after pre-treat­ment

Needlesticks, английский
    Fine-pored impairment ofthe cured powder coating due to outgassing or overcharge effects