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Susceptibility to scratches

Powder Coatings Glossary
    Inability of the powder coating to withstand friction orscratches

Scratch, английский
  1. Pocketing the cue ball by accident during a shot

  2. A cut on the surface of an object deep enough to catch a fingernail.

  3. A defect on a polished optical surface whose length is many times its width. block reek is a chainlike scratch formed in polishing. a runner cut is a curved scratch caused by grinding. a sleek is a hairline scratch. a crush or rub is a surface scratch or scratches usually caused by mishandling.

  4. To score or groove a plaster surface to provide a better bond for the succeeding coat.

  5. A slight wound on the skin made when a sharp point is pulled across it  she had scratches on her legs and arms.  wash the dirt out of that scratch in case it gets infected.  verb to harm the skin by moving a sharp point across it  the cat scratched the girl’s face.  be careful not to scratch yourself on the wire.

  6. Царапина

  7. A language created by mit containing colorful characters and easy for beginners to write programs without syntax errors

  8. A shallow mark or injury produced by abrasion.

Scratch, английский

Scratch, английский

Scratch, английский

Scratch, английский

Scratch (injury), английский
    Rascadura, rascón, arañazo, rasguño, marca, señal, raspadura

Scratch area, английский
    The gray or light-blue area that surrounds a page. you can use it to temporarily hold objects that are not currently on the page.

Scratch awl, английский
    An awl used for scribing wood, plastic, or the like.

Scratch coat, английский
  1. The first coat of plaster, which is scratched to form a bond for a second coat.

  2. In three-coat plastering, the first coat of plaster, which is then scratched to provide a bond for the second (brown) coat.

Scratch coat. render, float, and set three-coat plastering executed directly on stone or brick., английский

Scratch directory, английский
    A temporary directory used by the operating system or some other program to temporarily store data until the current session is terminated.

Scratch hardness, английский
  1. A measure used in testing the ability of a mineral or metal to resist being scratched by another mineral or metal. see abrasion hardness, hardness scale.

  2. The hardness of a metal determined by the width of a scratch made by a cutting point drawn across the surface under a given pressure.

Scratch pan, английский

Scratch paper, английский
    Бумага для черновых заметок, на одной стороне уже исписанная

Scratch partition, английский
    A temporary partition used by the operating system or some other program to temporarily store data.

Scratch removal, английский

Scratch resistance, английский

Scratch resistant coating, английский
    A clear hard coating applied to the front and back of a lens to reduce scratching of the lens surface. does not make the lens scratch proof.

Scratch shot, английский
    A shot where a scratch is likely or unavoidable

Scratch starting, английский

Scratch test, английский
    A test for allergy, in which a small amount of a substance is placed on a lightly scratched area of skin to see if a reaction occurs

Specks, английский
    Inclusion of visible, non-meltable dirt particles in the powder coating

Solvent resistance, английский
  1. Imperviousness of the cured powder coating to changes caused by applied solvents

  2. The ability of thermal management products to resist swelling when exposed to organic solvents such as degreasing solvents, hydraulic fluids, coolants and jet fuel.