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Powder puffs

Powder Coatings Glossary
    Powder lumps on the coating layer, caused by depos­its that have come loose from the spray nozzle

Spitting, английский
  1. See powder puffs

  2. Контрольное протыкание зондом тюков с мягким грузом при таможенном досмотре

Powder, английский
  1. Talc or other fine particle substance used to reduce friction between a hand bridge and the cue

  2. Порошок; порох

  3. A medicine in the form of a fine dry dust made from particles of drugs  he took a powder to help his indigestion or he took an indigestion powder.

  4. See gunpowder.

  5. Short form of gunpowder.

  6. Измельчение в порошок

Powder barrel, английский

Powder blower, английский
    Compressed air device used to deliver a cloud of dry magnetic particles to the surface of a test object.

Powder box, английский

Powder bulb, английский
  1. Pneumatic device compressed by hand to deliver a cloud of dry powder developer to the surface of a test object.

  2. Container compressed by hand to deliver a cloud of dry magnetic particles to the surface of a test object.

Powder carrier, английский

Powder center, английский
    Component of the fresh-powder feeding system, which includes the powder/fluid container and the injectors

Powder chest, английский

Powder circuit, английский
    Powder that is not deposited on the workpiece is col­lected and conveyed back into the powder container to be resprayed

Powder coat , английский

Powder cutting, английский

Powder developer, английский

Powder dispensing can, английский

Powder explosive, английский

Powder factor, английский

Powder feeding, английский
    Transport of the powder from the container to the pistol or from the recycling system back into the container

Powder flame spraying, английский

Powder forging, английский

Powder hose, английский
    Hose through which the powder-air mixture is trans­ported from the injector to the coating pistol

Powder house, английский
    An isolated storage place for gunpowder; once found in areas subject to enemy attack; also called a powder magazine.

Powder hulk, английский
    A hulk used to store gunpowder.

Tribolelectric charging, английский
    Powder particles are positively charged by friction on teflon (ptfe)

Deaeration additive, английский
    Powder additive used to avoid blisters orsimilaron exhal at ing substrates