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Tribolelectric charging

Powder Coatings Glossary
    Powder particles are positively charged by friction on teflon (ptfe)

Chargé des méthodes, французский

Charge, английский
  1. In criminal law, each thing the defendant is accused of. (see count)

  2. The amount of refrigerant in a system.

  3. Заряд; заправка; загрузка

  4. Заряд

  5. To run into an opponent; legal if done from the front or side of the ball carrier; illegal against a player without the ball or from behind.

  6. The quantity of refrigerant in a refrigeration system.

  7. The proportional quantity of powder and ball wherewith a gun is loaded for execution. the rules for loading large ordnance are: that the piece be first cleaned or scoured inside; that the proper quantity of powder be next driven in and rammed down, care however being taken that the powder in ramming be not bruised, because that weakens its effect; that a little quantity of paper, lint, or the like, be rammed over it, and then the ball be intruded. if the ball be red hot, a tompion, or trencher of green wood, is to be driven in before it. also, in martial law, an indictment or specification of the crime of which a prisoner stands accused. also, in evolutions, the brisk advance of a body to attack an enemy, with bayonets fixed at the charge, or firmly held at the hip. also, the command on duty, every man`s office.—a ship of charge, is one so deeply immersed as to steer badly.—to charge a piece, is to put in the proper quantity of ammunition.

  8. [1] the explosive or propellant with which a gun or shell is loaded. [2] to load a gun or a vessel. [3] a formal accusation of infraction of discipline or crime. [4] to store electrical energy in a battery. [5] to pressurize a pneumatic or hydraulic system. [6] a figure, badge, or heraldic symbol on the field of a flag.

  9. The process of adding electrical energy to a battery.

  10. The incidental cost of product acquisition or product delivery.

  11. The document evidencing mortgage security required by crown law (law derived from english law). a fixed charge refers to a defined set of assets and is usually registered. a floating charge refers to other assets which change from time to time (ie. cash, inventory, etc.), which become a fixed charge after a default.

  12. Долговое обязательство

  13. Сбор, платеж

  14. Being charged means you`ve been formally accused of committing a crime. you will be given a paper called a `charge sheet` which will have details of the allegations, the date you have to go to court, and any conditions of bail.

Charge, английский

Charge, французский

Charge (a), английский
    Charge (une)

Charge (a), английский

Charge (cost), английский

Charge (la);enfournement;lit de, французский

Charge (of capacitors or batteries), английский

Charge (une), французский

Charge admissible, французский

Charge axiale / sur essieu, французский

Charge card, английский
  1. A credit card issued by banks. a charge card authorizes the holder to buy goods or services on credit. payments received from charge cards are treated as accounts receivable amounts because they must be submited to card companies for reimbursement.

  2. Карточка, выдаваемая постоянным покупателям, по которой товары отпускаются в кредит

  3. Платежная карточка (произведенные по ней расходы подлежат оплате по выставлении счета

Charge carrier, английский
    A free and mobile conduction electron or hole in a semiconductor.

Charge chamber, английский

Charge confinement, английский
    Сдерживание ограничение разлета продуктов детонации заряда в

Charge controller, английский
  1. A component of a photovoltaic system that controls the flow of current to and from the battery to protect it from over-charge and over-discharge. the charge controller may also indicate the system operational status.

  2. A component of a photovoltaic system that controls the flow of current

Charge cooling, английский
    Removal of heat from the induction charge of an engine to increase its density and consequently the total charge mass and engine output per firing stroke. see also intercooler. charge current (uk

Charge corotron, английский

Charge coupled device, английский
    Прибор с зарядовой связью, пзс

Charge coverage coefficient, английский

Oversize particles, английский
    Powder particles that are larger than the desired grain spectrum and are screened out

Powder puffs, английский
    Powder lumps on the coating layer, caused by depos­its that have come loose from the spray nozzle