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Powder circuit

Powder Coatings Glossary
    Powder that is not deposited on the workpiece is col­lected and conveyed back into the powder container to be resprayed

Circuit, английский
  1. An arrangement of conductors and electrical apparatus connected to a source of electricity supply (see also open circuit).

  2. The path of electrical flow from a power source through an outlet and back to ground.

  3. Цепь; схема

  4. Means of two-way communication between two or more points. 1. in communication systems, an electronic, electrical, or electromagnetic path between two or more points capable of providing a number of channels. 2. electric or electronic part. 3. optical or electrical component that serves a specific function or functions.

  5. Originally a physical connection that transmits electricity or signals. now also a communication channel that guarantees a fixed transmission capacity.

  6. Схема

  7. Round trip,

  8. Path followed by an electrical current.

  9. A set of components that form a circular path or route for fluid flow, e.g., to make open-loop geothermal circuits and closed-loop geothermal circuits.

Circuit, английский

Circuit, английский

Circuit, английский

Circuit, латинский

Circuit (specific function), английский

Circuit access points, английский

Circuit algebra, английский
    Алгебра схем; схемная алгебра

Circuit analysis, английский
    Схемный анализ

Circuit array, английский
    Матрица схем; схемная матрица

Circuit binding; divinity binding; divinity stile, английский

Circuit board, английский
    Монтажная плата

Circuit breaker, английский
  1. A switch suitable for opening a circuit automatically as a result of predetermined conditions, such as those of overcurrent or undervoltage or by some form of external control.

  2. A device which looks like a switch and is usually located inside the electrical breaker panel or circuit breaker box. it is designed to (1) shut of the power to portions or all of the house and (2) to limit the amount of power flowing through a circuit (m

  3. Автомат защиты сети

  4. An electric device for opening and closing a circuit, designed to open the circuit automatically upon flow of a predetermined value of abnormally high current; may be repeatedly reclosed and reused as an automatic overcurrent protection device without replacement of any components.

  5. Автоматический предохранитель; прерыватель цепи; автоматический прерыватель тока; пакетный переключатель

  6. Adevice used to interrupt an electrical circuit when current flow exceeds a predetermined level.

  7. An electrical device used to interrupt an electrical supply in the event of excess current flow. can be either magnetically or thermally activated, or a combination of both. can be manually or automatically reset.

  8. Device for interrupting an electrical circuit when the current exceeds a predetermined value. the device can be reset after the circuit malfunction has been corrected,

Circuit breaker closing, английский

Circuit breaker neutral pole, английский

Circuit breaker openinig, английский

Circuit breaker position data, английский

Circuit breaker unit, английский

Circuit breaker., английский

Circuit breakers, английский
    Measures instituted by exchanges to stop trading temporarily when the market has fallen by a certain percentage in a specified period. they are intended to prevent a market free fall by permitting buy and sell orders to rebalance.

Circuit capacity, английский
    Нагрузочная способность схемы; логическая нагрузочная характеристика схемы

Metallic effects, английский
    Powdercoatings with added metallic pigments

Residual powder, английский
    Powder residues from recycling, prolonged storage, etc. that are no longer usable forthe coating process