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Dw rinsing

Powder Coatings Glossary
    Rinsing with demineralized water (conductivity max. 20 us/cm) during pre-treatment

Rins, английский
    Rotorace inertial navigation system

Rinse, английский
  1. Aclarar, enjuagar

  2. Process of removing something from the sample’s surface by means of flooding or spraying with another liquid, usually water.

Rinse & repeat, английский

Rinse & repeat, английский

Rinse (pt), английский
    In penetrant inspection, the operation by which the excess surface penetrant is removed from the part. sometimes also referred to as the wash.

Rinse bath, английский

Rinse cycle, английский
    Полоскание - бултыхание внутри волны - в худшем варианте кувыркание несколько раз подряд!

Rinse water, английский

Rinse-washed jeans, немецкий
    Jeans werden einmal in klarem wasser gewaschen, bleiben gleichmäßig dunkel und schrumpfen um die vorausberechnete größe ein

Rinsing, английский

Rinsing water, английский

Conductivity, английский
  1. Conductivité

  2. The rate at which heat is transmitted through a material.

  3. A term used in describing the capability of a material to carry an electrical charge. usually expressed as a percentage of copper conductivity copper being one hundred (100%) percent. conductivity is expressed for a standard configuration of conductor.

  4. Проводимость

  5. Удельная электропроводность; удельная электрическая проводимость

  6. Parameter used for characterising hydrogeological conditions, more

  7. This is the inverse of resistance, and refers to the ability of a conductor to carry current.

Fresh water rinsing, английский
    Rinsingcycle with fresh tap waterto remove chemical residues during pre-treatment

Oven graph, английский
    Recordingof the temperature curve in the furnace