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Sweep balasting

Powder Coatings Glossary
    Special, gentle blasting process for galvanized substrates

Balast tank, турецкий

Sweep, английский
  1. Latest popular enthusiasm example some people get caught up in the sweep

  2. Gradual bend in a standing tree or in a log, pole, or piling (24).

  3. A pipe bend fitting used in drains to permit smooth passage of waste.

  4. Развертка; сканирование

  5. A long oar used to steer an unpowered lighter.

  6. Сигнал развертки

  7. A continuous seamless paper background with a gradual curve where wall and floor join. the poor man`s cyc. well-equipped photographic studios have a mechanism for raising and lowering rolls of seamless paper.

  8. Стреловидность (крыла)

  9. The trending or inclination of a coast to a crescent. also, that part of the mould of a ship, where she begins to compass in the rung-heads. also, a large kind of oar.—to sweep a coast. to sail along at a reasonable distance with a vigilant inspection.

  10. [1] to clear the decks for action. [2] to clear an area of mines. [3] a sortie by warships or aircraft. [4] the rotation of a radar antenna. [5] a long oar. [6] to drag for something underwater (e.g., a lost anchor). [7] a minesweeping operation.

  11. The menu in hotmail that includes actions a customer may take on the contents of the folder that is currently displayed. some actions draw context from a selected message. for example, if someone selects a message, they can move all or delete all messages from that sender. if no message is selected, the actions occur at a folder level, such as marking all messages in the folder as read, or deleting all messages in the folder. sweep (v)

  12. The act of using all available cash flow for the repayment of debt service.

  13. Uniform and repeated movement of a spot across the display screen to form the horizontal baseline. also called time base.

  14. Uniform and repeated movement of a spot across the display screen to form the horizontal baseline.7 also called time base.

Sweep (swept, swept), английский

Sweep (ut), английский
    The uniform and repeated movement of an electron beam across the crt.

Sweep account, английский
  1. Account providing that a bank invest all the excess available funds at the close of each business day for the firm.

  2. Текущий счет с выплатой процентов на суммы, превышающие установленный минимум

Sweep angle, английский
    The number of degrees, between 0 and 360 that the scale will sweep in a circle. a sweep angle of 360 degrees produces a scale that is a complete circle.

Sweep delay, английский
  1. (1) delay in time of starting the sweep after the initial pulse. (2)control for adjusting the time. also called time delay.

  2. (1) delay in time of starting the sweep after the initial pulse. (2) control for adjusting the time.7,22 also called time delay.

Sweep effect, английский
    Эффект размахивания

Sweep fitting, английский
    Any fitting which has a large radius of curvature. sweep tee 973 swan’s-neck pediment 90° sweep fitting sweep lock

Sweep gas, английский

Sweep length, английский
  1. Length of time or distance represented by the horizontal baseline on an a-scan. t tesla (t): si unit of measurement for magnetic flux density. 1 t = 1 wb/m2 = 10 000 g.

  2. Length of time or distance represented by the horizontal baseline on an a-scan.7,22 t

Sweep length (ut), английский
    Length of time or distance represented by the horizontal base line on an a-scan.

Sweep lock, английский
    A sash fast, usually placed on the meeting rails of a window to secure the window; controlled by the action of a lever which rotates to a position where it is secured by a catch. sweep strip, door sweep a flexible weather stripping used at the top and bottom edges of a revolving door.

Sweep of the tiller, английский
    A semicircular frame on which the tiller traverses in large ships; it is fixed under the beams near the fore-end of the tiller, which it supports.

Sweep plates, английский

Sweep position, английский
    Местоположение источника

Sweep rate, английский
    The number of times a radar antenna or sonar transducer rotates in a minute.

Sweep signal, английский

Sweep strip., английский

Sweep tee, английский
    A pipe tee in which each of the two branches gradually curves away from the main run of pipe instead of turning at a right angle.

Galvanized, английский

Buchholz hardness, английский
    Standardized test method for measuring surface hardness in accordance with din en iso 2815

Lumps, английский
    Solid lumps of powder, which may be caused by pres­sure, temperature or vibration