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Object temperature

Powder Coatings Glossary
    Temperature that the component must reach in the furnace to ensure proper curing; the retention time starts when this temperature is reached

Object, английский
  1. To protest to the court against an act or omission by the opposing party

  2. Объект

  3. Задача; цель

  4. The subject matter or figure imaged by, or seen through, an optical system.

  5. N 1 лог. объект; 2 лнгв. дополнение (член предложения ); cognate ~ дополнение-существительное, од- нокоренное глаголу direct ~ прямое дополнение; прямой объект indirect ~ непрямое дополнение oblique ~ косвенное дополнение

  6. A drawing, image, shape, text, or other form of information that has been added to the artboard.

  7. A table, chart, graphic, equation, or other form of information.

  8. An entity in a graph edge that the action is performed on.

  9. An entity within sql server.

  10. An entity, such as a file, folder, shared folder, printer, or active directory object, described by a distinct, named set of attributes. for example, the attributes of a file object include its name, location, and size; the attributes of an active directory user object might include the user’s first name, last name, and e-mail address.

  11. In object-oriented programming, an instance of a class. an object comprises data and methods that act on the data, and is treated as a discrete entity.

  12. A collection of variables and functions brought together in a programming system to represent a physical thing, its data and its function.

  13. Один или несколько элементов чертежа (текст, размеры" отрезки, окружности полилинии и т.п.), рассматриваемые как единое целое при их создании, обработке и модификации.

Object, английский

Object (of interest), английский

Object actions, английский
    Команды объекта

Object adapter, английский
    Объектный адаптер

Object adapter interface, английский
    Интерфейс объектного адаптера

Object address register, английский
    Регистр объектных адресов

Object anchor, английский
    A format code in a desktop publishing or word processing document that keeps an element in the document, such as a figure or a caption or a label associated with the figure, in a certain position in the document. the anchored object is generally attached to another element in the document.

Object application, английский

Object architecture, английский
    Объектная архитектура

Object background, английский
    Фон объекта object-based language объектно-базирующийся язык

Object ball, английский
    The ball to be legally struck by the cue ball, or the ball to be pocketed

Object ball angle error, английский
    The angle between the actual object ball impact line (path) and the desired target line direction

Object ball swerve, английский
    Very slight change in ob angle caused by masse spin transferred from the cb in a draw or follow shot

Object balls, английский
    The balls other than the cue ball

Object beam, английский
    The light from a laser beam that illuminated the object and is reflected to the holographic film.

Object broker, английский
    Брокер объектных запросов; посредник объектных запросов

Object browser, английский
  1. Средство просмотра объектов; каталог объектов

  2. A dialog box that displays information about objects, properties, methods, and constants in the current project and in referenced object libraries, and that you use to search for an element, get help on it, or paste it into a module.

Object cache gc count, английский
    The total number of objects from the object cache that have been removed from memory by the garbage collector.

Object cache live count, английский
    The total number of objects that are currently active in the object cache. these objects can quickly be retrieved from the cache.

Object caching, английский
    A type of caching that allows a reference to an object to remain accessible when the user navigates to a new domain.

Temperature, английский
  1. Température

  2. Dry-bulb - temperature of air as indicated by a standard thermometer.

  3. An expression of thermal energy density. how hot or cold an object is.

  4. The measure of the intensity of heat that a substance possesses.

  5. Температура

  6. Температура тмр test methods and procedures методы проведения испытаний и последовательность их проведения тмр theodolite measuring point кинотеодолитная станция

  7. Temperatura, fiebre

  8. The condition attained when the wetted wick of a wet-bulb thermometer has reached a stable and constant temperature when exposed to moving air in excess of 900 ft (274.3 m) per minute.

  9. 1. the heat of the body or of the surrounding air, measured in degrees  the doctor asked the nurse what the patient’s temperature was.  his temperature was slightly above normal.  the thermometer showed a temperature of 99°f.  to take a patient’s temperature to insert a thermometer in someone’s body to see what his or her body temperature is  they took his temperature every four hours.  when her temperature was taken this morning, it was normal. 2. illness when your body is hotter than normal  he’s in bed with a temperature.  her mother says she’s got a temperature, and can’t come to work. comment: the average body temperature is about 37° celsius or 98° fahrenheit. this temperature may vary during the day, and can rise if a person has taken a hot bath or had a hot drink. if the environmental temperature is high, the body has to sweat to reduce the heat gained from the air around it. if the outside temperature is low, the body shivers, because rapid movement of the muscles generates heat. a fever will cause the body temperature to rise sharply, to 40°c (103°f) or more. hypothermia exists when the body temperature falls below about 35°c (95°f).

  10. Повышение температуры бетона ~ of truss высота фермы jet ~ высота подъёма горизонтальной неизотермической приточной струи, «всплывающей» над приточным отверстием

  11. Температура ~ of adiabatic saturation температура адиабатического насыщения

  12. Normal adult temperature varies among horses, but will usually range in degrees from 99.5°f to 100.5°f.

  13. A measure of the average kinetic energy of a material. the standard unit of temperature is a kelvin, (k). temperature determines the direction of heat flow between any two systems in thermal contact. heat will always flow from the area of higher temperature (t source) to one of lower temperature (t sink). temperature gradient (?t)

  14. A measure of the degree of molecular motion of a material compared to a reference point. temperature is measured in degrees farenheit (melting point of ice = 32 º f, boiling point of water = 212 º f) or degrees celsius (melting point of ice = 0 º c, boiling point of water = 100 º c).

  15. The degree of sensible heat of a body as measured by a thermometer or similar instrument.

  16. Measure of the intensity of particle motion in degrees celsius (°c) or degrees fahrenheit (°f) or, in the absolute scale, kelvin (k), where the increment of 1 k = 1 °c = 1.8 °f.

  17. Temperature of surrounding atmosphere. also called dry bulb temperature. compare standard atmospheric conditions. ampere (a): si unit of electric current. ampere per meter (a·m–1): si derived unit of magnetic field intensity. the measurement 1 a·m–1, for example, describes a current of 1 a flowing through a coil that is 1 m in diameter. compare oersted. ampere turn (at): in magnetic particle testing, unit for expressing the magnetomotive force required for magnetization using a coil in terms of the product of the number of coil turns and the current in amperes flowing through the coil. amplitude, echo: in ultrasonic testing, the vertical height of a received signal on an a-scan, measured from base to peak for a video presentation or from peak to peak for a radio frequency presentation.

  18. Measure of the intensity of particle motion in degrees celsius (°c), degrees fahrenheit (°f) or, in the absolute scale, kelvin (k) or degrees rankine (°r). an increment of 1 k = 1 °c = 1.8 °r = 1.8 °f. compare heat.

Fluidizing, английский
    The powder is brought into a "liquid/suspended" state by means of compressed air

Glass transition point (tg), английский
    Temperature range in which the powder begins to soften