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Powder feeding

Powder Coatings Glossary
    Transport of the powder from the container to the pistol or from the recycling system back into the container

Feed, английский
  1. Front end engineering design

  2. Питание, подача

  3. Вать (напр., в устройство информацию (напр., о геометрических параметрах обрабатываемой детали)

  4. The longitudinal movements imparted to a drill stem to cause the bit to cut and penetrate the formation being drilled.

  5. The distance a drill stem on a diamond drill may be advanced into the rock before the rods must be rechucked. example : a driller may say "a drill is equipped with an 18-inch feed," meaning that the bit may be made to drill a maximum distance of 18 inches each time the drill stem is chucked-up in the drive rod of the swivel head.

  6. The act of sending a signal to some device, channel input or bus. a feed can also be an output signal send to a device, bus or input.

Feed (fed), английский

Feed and upsetting drive, английский

Feed back, английский

Feed bag, английский
    A sack usually of canvas and leather held on the horse`s nose by a strap behind its ears allowing it to eat grain without a manger or other container.

Feed barn, английский

Feed beam, английский

Feed bin, английский

Feed box, английский

Feed button, английский
    Кйопка управления подачей (рабочего органа)

Feed chute, английский

Feed content, английский
    Контент из фида (другого сайта)

Feed control, английский
  1. Управление подачей

  2. System of valves or other mechanical device controlling the rate at which longitudinal movements are imparted to the diamond- or rock-drill stem and/or the cutting teeth on a coal-cutting machine.

Feed cylinder, английский
    A hydraulic cylinder and piston mechanism, such as that on a diamond-drill swivel head to transmit longitudinal movements to the drive rod and chuck to which the drilling stem is attached. also called hydraulic cylinder.

Feed device, английский
    Устройство подачи

Feed discovery, английский
    A feature of internet explorer in windows vista that finds xml feeds on a webpage. user can view the feeds and subscribe to them.

Feed drive, английский

Feed force, английский

Feed forward equalizer, английский

Feed forward neural networks, английский
    Нейронная сеть, в которой информация передается от входа к выходу только в одном направлении.

Feed frame, английский

Reversal point, английский
    Turning point of automatic pistols duringtheupand down movement

Filiform corrosion, английский
    Thread-like corrosion ofaluminum; especially prev­alent on damaged areasofthe coated surface or cut edges in the presence of air with a high salt content