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Словарь стратиграфических терминов
    A lithodemic unit next higher in rank to suite and comprising two or more suites or complexes having a degree o f natural relationship to one another, either in the vertical or the lateral sense (north american stratigraphic code, 1983, p. 860).

Comprising, английский
    Включающий в себя; содержащий

Relationship, английский
  1. Отношение: соотношение; связь; взаимоотношение; взаимосвязь

  2. Отношение, степень родства

  3. A way in which someone or something is connected to another  the incidence of the disease has a close relationship to the environment.  he became withdrawn and broke off all relationships with his family.

  4. Зависимость, соотношение

  5. A connection between objects.

  6. A logical connection between entities.

  7. A smartart graphic layout type that includes layouts designed to illustrate connections.

  8. An association established between common fields (columns) in two tables. a relationship can be one-to-one, many-to-many, or one-to-many.

Stratigraphic, английский

Informal lithostratigraphic unit, английский
    A lithologic body to which casual reference is made but for which there is insufficient need, insufficient information, or inappropriate basis to justify designation as a formal unit (see section 5.c.10).

In contrast to lithostratigraphic units, английский
    A lithodemic unit generally does not conform to the law o f superposition (north american stratigraphic code, 1983, p. 859).