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Informal lithostratigraphic unit

Словарь стратиграфических терминов
    A lithologic body to which casual reference is made but for which there is insufficient need, insufficient information, or inappropriate basis to justify designation as a formal unit (see section 5.c.10).

Lithologic, английский
    (adjective) pertaining to the physical character of a rock. hp

Insufficient, английский

Information, английский
  1. Knowledge of a particular event or situation, or knowledge communicated or received concerning a particular fact.

  2. Информация

  3. Facts about something  have you any information about the treatment of sunburn?  the police won’t give us any information about how the accident happened.  you haven’t given me enough information about when your symptoms started.  that’s a very useful piece or bit of information. (note: no plural: some information; a piece of information.)

  4. N информация | attr. информационный flow, structure source of ~ источник информации 1 ранее использовался в более широком значении как ‘умозаключе- ние’. 2 получение выводных данных в процессе обработки информации и/или языка и само выводное знание, умозаключение; мыслительная операция, в ходе которой человек выходит за пределы данных в тек- сте сведений и получает новую информацию. 3 аффикс, вставляемый внутрь корня слова при словообразовании или словоизменении.

  5. In admiralty courts, implies a clause introduced into a citation, intimating that in the event of a party cited not appearing, the court will proceed in his absence.

  6. Информация; данные; сведения

  7. Координационный комитет ин4юрмации о проектируемых и возводимых объектах строительства

  8. Literally that which forms within, but more adequately

  9. Data that has been recorded, classified, organized, related or interpreted so that meaning is apparent.

  10. Contextualised data providing answer to a certain question decreasing uncertainty.

  11. Информация, сведения

Designation, английский
  1. Обозначение; (¦пред) назначение; целеуказание

  2. Назначение; обозначение; целеуказание

  3. Пункт назначения (бурового судна, плавучей полу

  4. Обозначение

  5. N знак, обозначение, имя determinancy n определённость local ~ локальная определённость

  6. Обозначение; запись; литерал; наименование; маркировка

  7. Обозначение; наименование; маркировка

  8. Указание профессии и адреса (при фамилии) назначение на должность

  9. The contracting states or contracting parties for which protection of an invention is sought in an international application filed under the patent cooperation treaty (pct) or in an international design application filed under the hague agreement. the filing of a request in an international pct application constitutes the designation of all contracting states bound by the pct on the international filing date. in an international design application filed under the hague agreement, contracting parties for which protection is sought must be indicated in the official application form (form dm/1).

Industrial lithostratigraphic unit, английский
    A lithostratigraphic unit recognized primarily for utilitarian purposes, such as an aquifer, oil sand, quarry layer, or ore-bearing bed.

Supersuite, английский
    A lithodemic unit next higher in rank to suite and comprising two or more suites or complexes having a degree o f natural relationship to one another, either in the vertical or the lateral sense (north american stratigraphic code, 1983, p. 860).