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Translation services for tunneling shields and tunnel construction technologies

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Глоссарий геологических терминов
    (adjective) pertaining to the physical character of a rock. hp

Local relief, английский
  1. A general term referring to the prevailing difference in elevation between the lowest and highest parts of the landscape at a given locale (e.g. the average difference in elevation between a representative portion of a valley floor and the tops of the bounding valley walls). sw

  2. A generic term referring to the collective, relative differences in elevation of a land surface on a broad scale; also called “relief”. ssm

Linear gilgai, английский
    A type of gilgai dominated by parallel micro-low troughs separated by low ridges (microhighs) and oriented perpendicular to the topographic contour (i.e., up and down slopes); the prevailing type of gilgai on sloping terrain (slopes > 8 %). compare - circular gilgai, elliptical gilgai, gilgai. sw