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Preparing a scientific article for publication in an electronic (online) journal

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Translation services for tunneling shields and tunnel construction technologies

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Глоссарий ИТ-терминов
  1. A collection of modeling elements that interact within a given context to perform an operation or a use case. the objects in a collaboration are roles describing types of objects rather than representations of the objects themselves.

  2. The business subcategory containing apps to help people to collaborate on work via the internet.

  3. Working in a group or team towards common goals.

Сотрудничество, русский
  1. Сотрудничество , помощь

  2. Один из видов взаимодействия людей, при кото¬ром возникает добровольная взаимозависимость, приводящая к координации согласованию совместной деятельности.

  3. Совместное выполнение работы, совместное участие в решении проблемы или задачи.

Collection, английский
  1. The accumulation of precipitation into surface and underground areas, including lakes, rivers, and aquifers.

  2. Прием средств, инкассо, сбор задолженности по кредитам

  3. Сбор; собирание; коллекция

  4. A container for organizing clips.

  5. A customer’s assemblage of digital media, including music, videos, pictures, games, and apps.

  6. A set of resources in the configuration manager hierarchy.

  7. A set of thematically related apps, games, music tracks, videos, or other items available for purchase or download in the store. a thematic group of editorially chosen apps and games for merchandising or marketing purposes.

  8. A type of specialized class in the .net framework for data storage and retrieval. these classes provide support for stacks, queues, lists, and hash tables. most collection classes implement the same interfaces, and these interfaces may be inherited to create new collection classes that fit more specialized data storage needs.

  9. An export format that maintains a group of images that is generated at export.

  10. An object that contains a set of related objects. an object’s position in the collection can change whenever a change occurs in the collection; therefore, the position of any specific object in a collection may vary.

  11. Automatic grouping of user’s photos and videos based on time and place.

  12. The presentation of a negotiable instrument for payment, or the conversion of any accounts receivable into cash.

  13. Экзамены в конце семестра в оксфорде

  14. Инкассо

Representations, английский
    In the context of project financing, a series of statements about a project, a sponsor, or the obligations under the project contracts or the financing agreements.

Themselves, английский

Subcategory, английский
    A new category that is based on an existing category. for example, instead of tracking computers along with your other equipment, you might want to create a computer subcategory from the equipment category to track them as a separate group. similarly, you can further organize a restaurants category to include american and chinese subcategories.

Containing, английский

Collaborate, английский
    To work with other people to update or interact with content.

Resource record set, английский
    A collection of more than one resource record returned in a query response by a dns server. resource record sets (rrsets) are used in responses where more than one record is part of the answer.

Exchange system manager, английский
    A collection of microsoft management console (mmc) snap-ins that microsoft exchange provides.