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Rss subscriptions

Глоссарий ИТ-терминов
    A feature that enables a user to capture all of the rss feeds they subscribe to in a folder that automatically updates at specified intervals. rsvp (n)

Subscriptio, латинский

Subscriptio [onis, f], латинский

Subscription, английский
  1. A collection of microsoft azure offerings tied to a single live id.

  2. A request for a copy of a publication to be delivered to a subscriber.

  3. A view that a mobile device user has selected to be available on his or her mobile device.

  4. An agreement in which a customer prepays for periodic or regular services.

  5. An automated notification that alerts customers via email when a specified knowledgebase article is updated.

  6. Part of the application metadata that specifies the data source, the refresh interval, and, optionally, subscription expiration.

Subscription (for securities), английский

Subscription advisor, английский
    A microsoft partner who is authorized to sell subscriptions for microsoft online services. the subscription advisor may have additional authorization to offer technical support. internally, a subscription advisor may be referred to as a reseller

Subscription agreement, английский
    A legally binding agreement made by an incoming investor with a vehicle or its representative fixing the amount of the contributions paid, or to be paid, and the terms and conditions for investing in the vehicle.

Subscription agreement (for shares), английский

Subscription center, английский
    An email marketing plug-in that is required to be added to all commercial emails.

Subscription computer, английский
    The computer offered to a customer by a solution provider where the customer chooses from a range of packaged services, including a computer, genuine windows software, and broadband internet services, which are included in one bill. computer time is purchased for a specified, regular time period (for example, on a monthly or quarterly basis).

Subscription computing, английский
    An approach in which telephone and internet service providers offer pcs to their customers, who then have the ability to pay for them over time through their monthly bill.

Subscription database, английский
    A database at the subscriber that receives data and database objects published by a publisher.

Subscription event rule, английский
    A rule that processes information for event-driven subscriptions.

Subscription fee, английский
    One-time fee paid to the manager when investors subscribe to the fund, calculated as investment amount, nav or nav per share multiplied by subscription fee rate. this fee is mostly seen in open-end funds.  if the amount is paid to the vehicle, then it is not included in tger.

Subscription file, английский
    An audio or video file that you rent from an online store, typically for a monthly fee.

Subscription group, английский
    A classification of subscriptions used for pricing, posting, and otherwise managing subscriptions.

Subscription period, английский

Subscription plan, английский
    The type of microsoft azure subscription that describes the billing rate and other charges.

Subscription policy insurance, английский

Subscription price, английский

Subscription privilege, английский

Subscription scheduled rule, английский
    One or more transact-sql statements that process information for scheduled subscriptions.

Automatically, английский

Search and pin calendars, английский
    A feature that enables a user to search for another user’s or group’s calendar and pin it to their calendar list.

Remotefx adaptive graphics, английский
    A feature that enables a seamless delivery of virtual desktop and remoteapp programs by using the windows aero and 3-d experience across a variety of networks, including networks where bandwidth is limited and latency is high.