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Поиск в глоссариях:  

Windows push notification service

Глоссарий ИТ-терминов
    The feature of windows for sending tile updates and notifications to users.

Notifications, английский
  1. A transient message to the user on the app bar, that contains relevant, time-sensitive information, and provides quick access to the subject of that content in an app.

  2. E-mail messages that alert you when new activity has occurred in particular areas of your community.

Address bar top result, английский
    The feature that allows users to navigate directly to the webpage of the top-ranked search result when a search is performed in the address bar.

Safesearch, английский
    The feature of bing that enables customers to block sites containing adult (sexually explicit) content. customers can choose from three levels of filtering: strict (hides adult text and image results); moderate (hides adult images only); and off (doesn’t hide any search results).