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Adhesive activated yarns

Глоссарий по текстилю и текстильной промышленности
    Yarns treated by the fiber manufacturer to promote better adhesion to another material such as rubber and/or to allow easier processing.

Manufacturer, английский
  1. (завод-) изготовитель

  2. Производитель

  3. Изготовитель; производитель

  4. Товаропроизводитель

  5. Birfield transmissions ltd.

Processing, английский
  1. Обработка (напр. данных); технология

  2. N обработка cognitive ~ когнитивная обработка language ~ когн.

  3. Обработка ~ of materials обработка [переработка] материалов

  4. A language originally designed for artists to allow them to do simple graphical design programs in a movie like paradigm.

  5. The preparation or packaging of fish to render it suitable for human consumption, retail sale, industrial use, or long-term storage, including but not limited to cooking, canning, smoking, salting, drying, filleting, freezing, or rendering into meal or oil, but not heading and gutting unless additional preparation is done.

  6. Under the gdpr, “processing” is any operation that is performed on personal data. this includes collection, recording, organisation, structuring, storage, adaptation, alteration, dissemination, erasure or destruction.

Accelerated testing in a laboratory apparatus equipped with any of several types of artificial light sources., английский

Chain binders, английский
    Yarns running in the warp direction on the back of a woven carpet which hold construction yarns together.