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25 июня, 2019

Felicitaciones con la traducción

18 апреля, 2018

Decodificación de audio y video

06 октября, 2017

Servicios de traducción profesional y de acompañamiento lingüístico para los participantes de las exposiciones

25 мая, 2016

¿Una agencia de traducción o un traductor particular?

17 декабря, 2015

Carta del niño a Santa Claus y la respuesta

27 июля, 2015

La baja calidad del texto original es un problema permanente para la agencia de traducción

24 апреля, 2015

Historia de las traducciones: "Qué comer para bajar de peso" o secretos de un estilo de vida saludable

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Глоссарий терминов для танго (обучение танцу)

    Brake, русский

    Brake, английский
    1. Brakes are used to stop the bicycle. rim brakes and disc brakes are operated by brake levers, which are mounted on the handlebars. coaster brakes are operated by pedaling backward.

    2. The handle of the pump, by which it is worked.

    3. The handle or lever by which a common ship-pump is usually worked. it operates by means of two iron bolts, one thrust through the inner hole of it, which bolted through forms the lever axis in the iron crutch of the pump, and serves as the fulcrum for the brake, supporting it between the cheeks. the other bolt connects the extremity of the brake to the pump-spear, which draws up the spear box or piston, charged with the water

    4. Any device for retarding or stopping by friction, such as a block, lever, or band brought to bear and to rub against the rim or edge of a drum or wheel.

    5. To stop or slow down by means of a brake.

    6. Тормоз о ~ with locking device тормоз со стопорным [защитным] устройством air ~ пневматический тормоз

    Brake, русский