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Глоссарий терминов для танго (обучение танцу)

    Зацепка, русский
    1. Зацепка, смещение стопы по полу

    2. Зацепка , препятствие

    Arrastrar = to drag, английский

    Drag, английский
    1. The resisting force exerted on an aircraft in its line of flight opposite in direction to its motion. compare thrust.

    2. Single sled used in dragging logs. one end of the log rests on the sled, the other drags on the ground (22).

    3. The resistance to movement caused by oil viscosity.

    4. Лобовое сопротивление

    5. Сопротивление

    6. A machine consisting of a sharp square frame of iron encircled with a net, and commonly used to rake the mud off from the platform or bottom of the docks, or to clean rivers, or for dragging on the bottom for anything lost. also, a creeper.

    7. [1] resistance of a hull to movement. [2] to search the bottom with a grapnel. [3] to move under the influence of wind or current when the flukes of the anchor do not grip the bottom. [4] the amount a ship is down by the stern. [5] a drag chain. [6] u.s. naval academy slang for a midshipman’s date.

    8. Resistance created by friction.

    9. The up- or down-tilted curve in rock beds or strata adjacent to a fault.

    10. The fragments of ore and/or rock torn from an ore lode or rock strata by a fault. such fragments are scattered along the line of the fault and usually are enclosed within crushed or breceiated pieces of the rock formation traversed by the fault.

    Зацепка, русский
    1. Зацепка, смещение стопы по полу

    2. Зацепка , препятствие

    Rulo, испанский