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Beam pen lithography (bpl)

Глоссарий терминов в нанотехнологиях
    A cantilever-free scanning probe technique based on polymer pen lithography, where patterning is accomplished by passing light through small apertures at the tips of pens in a two-dimensional tip array.

Cantilever, английский
  1. A projecting structural member which is rigidly fixed at one end but unsupported at the other

  2. An overhang. where one floor extends beyond and over a foundation wall. for example at a fireplace location or bay window cantilever. normally, not extending over 2 feet.

  3. Свободнонесущий (о крыле)

  4. Консоль; консольная балка; консольная плита

  5. Равномерно распределённая по всей длине консоли нагрузка

  6. A type of overhead line support

Lithography, английский
  1. Литография, офсетная печать. способ печати, где формой является каменная или металлическая пластина, на которой печатающие элементы воспринимают краску, а пробельные ее отталкивают

  2. Литография; офсетная печать

  3. The process of imprinting patterns on materials. derived from greek, the term lithography means literally “writing on stone.” nanolithography refers to etching, writing, or printing at the microscopic level, where the dimensions of characters are on the order of nanometers (units of 10 -9 meter, or millionths of a millimeter).

Patterning, английский

Dimensional, английский
    Размерный; пространственный; имеющий измерение 3-dimensional configuration трехмерная организация 2.5-dimensional configuration 2,5-мерная организация 2-dimensional configuration двухмерная организация

Accomplish, английский

Biomimetics, английский
    The study of the structure and function of biological substances to develop man-made systems that mimic natural ones; imitating, copying, or learning from biological systems to create new materials and technologies.

Atomic layer deposition (ald), английский
    A technique used to deposit thin-films one atomic layer at a time using self-limiting gas phase reactions.