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Глоссарий терминов в нанотехнологиях
    Crystalline substances that have a permanent spontaneous electric polarization (electric dipole moment per cubic centimeter) that can be reversed by an electric field.

Crystalline, английский
  1. A substance or rock composed largely or wholly of mineral crystals.

  2. Transparent, clear, or pure.

  3. Made up of crystals. the term crystalline applies to sections of all chemical fibers, which consists of alternate crystalline and amorphous (noncrystalline) regions. these regions are influenced by manufacturing conditions and to some extent can be controlled. the degree of crystallinity influences the physical properties of fibers.

Spontaneous, английский
    A спонтанный speech

Polarization, английский
  1. Конструкция разъёма. в структурированных кабельных системах рекомендуется использование разъёмом, соответствующих стандарту we co. (western electric company). в отдельных случаях, когда необходимо обеспечить подключения телефонного оборудования к информац

  2. Поляризация

  3. A characteristic of the electric field on an electromagnetic wave in space. the directional aspects of a signal. signals can have circular or planar polarization. four types of polarization are used with satellites; horizontal, vertical, right-hand circular and left-hand circular. electromagnetic waves have the ability to vibrate in different radial directions. typically, satellite signal polarization is either horizontal or vertical. the signal coming from the satellite to the dish will either be vibrating along a horizontal or vertical plane. the receiving equipment must be adjusted to receive the correct polarization.

  4. Vibration of the electric field vector in specific direction perpendicular to the direction of propagation of the wave. also, restriction of the vibrations of the electromagnetic

  5. Alignment of the electric and magnetic fields that make up an electromagnetic wave; normally refers to the electric field. if all light waves have the same alignment, the light is polarized.

  6. When light penetrates certain crystals the emergent light is different than the entrance light. the emergent light emitted by the crystal vibrates in only one direction.

Centimeter, английский
  1. Сантиметр

  2. In the metric system, a measure of length equal to a hundredth part of a meter, or 0.3937+ in.; abbreviated cm; an inch equals 2.54 cm. central air-conditioning system an airconditioning system in which the air is treated by equipment at one or more central locations outside the spaces served, and conveyed to and from these spaces by means of fans and pumps through ducts and pipes. central air-handling unit an air-handling unit in which treated air is distributed to a number of spaces by means of ductwork.

Ferrofluid, английский
    A fluid in which fine particles of iron, magnetite or cobalt are suspended, typically in an oil. a ferrofluid is superparamagnetic and can create liquid seals held in position by magnetic fields. one application of ferrofluids is to keep dust off of the drive shafts of magnetic disk drives. ferrofluids were invented by nasa as a way to control the flow of liquid fuels in space.

Excited states, английский
    In quantum mechanics, all levels of energy above the lowest or ground state (also known as equilibrium). excited states are ranked in order of increasing energy; that is, the second excited state has higher energy than the first.