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Green chemistry

Глоссарий терминов в нанотехнологиях
    The use of chemical products and processes that reduce or eliminate substances hazardous to human health or the environment, creating no waste or generating only benign waste.

Chemistry, английский
  1. Analyse (résultat)

  2. The study of substances, elements and compounds and their reactions with each other  blood chemistry or chemistry of the blood 1. substances which make up blood, which can be analysed in blood tests, the results of which are useful in diagnosing disease 2. a record of changes which take place in blood during disease and treatment

  3. Химия

Chemistry, английский

Chemistry, английский

Chemistry of combustion, английский
    Механизм химических реакций химизм

Chemistry of detonation, английский
    Химическая кинетика детонации

Green, английский
  1. Green wines are wines made from underripe grapes; they lack richness and generosity as well as having a vegetal character. green wines are infrequently made in the rhone, although vintages such as 1977 were characterized by a lack of ripening.

  2. Of the color of growing foliage, between yellow and blue in the spectrum

  3. Wood of a live tree, or a tree that has recently been felled, or wood that has lost very little moisture since the time it was felled (26).

  4. Green is a fragrance note that resembles freshly cut grass, or leaves, and it gives the perfume a vibrant scent.

  5. The table cloth; or money.

  6. P. гринривер (сша)

  7. Г. гринбей (шт. висконсин, сша)

  8. Зеленый (об огне)

  9. Freshly sawed or undried wood

  10. Raw and untutored; a metaphor from unripe fruit—thus shakspeare makes pandulph say:

  11. Зеленый; темно-зеленый

  12. Inexperienced; may be applied to a horse of any age having limited training, or a rider. the old horseman`s adage says, "green plus green makes black and blue."

  13. A note reminiscent of fresh cut leaves, grass, stems, and certain flowers. among the essential oils, violet leaf absolute in an outstanding example of this green note.

Green, английский

Green, английский

Green, английский

Green - a site for sawing, packing and racking unseasoned timber., английский

Green acids, английский

Green architecture, английский
    Architecture in which the design is focused on making a building energy-efficient, so as to reduce its energy consumption, water consumption, operating costs, and environmental impact. such efficiencies include the maximal use of natural lighting, low-e glass, solar electric systems, energy-efficient lighting systems, energy-efficient ventilation systems including the use of the chimney effect, and newer sustainable materials and techniques that minimize heat loss in buildings.

Green bean, английский

Green bell pepper, английский
    Unripe fruit of a group of capsicum plants. since bell pepp ers do not produce capsaicin, they are mild and sweet. hazelnuts small, brown nuts found in various countries around the world. hazelnuts can be eaten in many different ways, such as roasted, salted or plain. heavy cream a liquid ingredient high in milk fat separated from milk.

Green belt, английский

Green biomass index, английский

Green book, английский
  1. The specification for the cd-i standard. see cd-i.

  2. "зеленая книга"; каталог стандартов и параметров

Green box green-box measures, английский
    «зеленая корзина» меры «зеленой корзины» меры внутренней поддержки сельского хозяйства, не оказывающее искажающего воздействия на торговлю и потому не подлежащие сокращению (субсидии за счет госпрограмм и госсредств, инфраструктурные услуги, программы по охране окружающей среды и др.) green/non- actionable субсидии, не дающие основания для разбирательства соответственно, в subsidies случае таких субсидий какие-либо компенсационные меры не применяются

Green brick; unburnt brick; clay brick, английский

Green building, английский
    This is a loosely defined collection of land-use, building design, and construction strategies that reduces undesirable environmental impacts. benefits of building green include reduced energy consumption, protection of ecosystems, and occupant health.

Green building xml, английский
    Also known as «gbxml», a schema to facilitate the transfer of building properties stored in 3d building information models (bim) to engineering analysis tools, especially energy and building performance analysis.

Environment, английский
  1. Surrounding in which operates, including air, water, land, natural resources, flora, fauna, humans and their interaction.

  2. Окружающая среда. совокупность всех материальных тел, сил и явлений природы, ее вещество и пространство, любая деятельность человека, находящегося в непосредственном контакте с живыми организмами; совокупность абиотической, биотической и социальной сред,

  3. Окружающие условия [среда]; внешние факторы или воздействия; условия эксплуатации ` (лл)

  4. The conditions and influences under which an organism lives

  5. N 1 лнгв. окружение; 2 псхл. окружающая обстановка5 consonantal ~ консонантное окружение epanalepsis n эпаналепсис, удвоение6 epenthesis n 1 эпентеза, вставка звуков1; 2 добавление гласного звука для того, чтобы 3 английский как язык международного общения. 4 несовпадение стиховых и фразовых границ. 5 внешний контекст, в котором происходит наше поведение. 6 фигура речи, состоящая в повторе слова, словосочетания или пред- ложения. epenthetic 41 evaluation разбить труднопроизносимую группу (кла- стер) согласных

  6. Окружающая среда

  7. Окружающая среда; при- родно-ландшафтная среда

  8. The place in which an organism lives, and the circumstances under which it lives. environment includes measures like moisture and temperature, as much as it refers to the actual physical place where an organism is found.

  9. The combination of all the external conditions and the potential effect of the inner environment (heteromosaic of abiotic conditions). e. change: survival depends on the life span of the organisms involved, and has to adapt to a new situation via genetic change, evolution, etc. • cyclic change: rhythmically repetitive, like cycles of a season, day / night, movement of tides etc. • directional change: change is maintained over a long period in relation to the life span of organisms - erosion, siltation, cycles of glaciation, etc. • erratic change: these have no rhythm and no consistent direction e.g., hurricanes, cyclones, flash storms, fires, vulcanos, earthquake, etc.

  10. Окружающая среда. существующая в данный момент совокупность всех внешних условий и воздействий, которым подвержена данная система (или организм) (мос, 14). `36

  11. (1) the system of surrounding things, conditions or influences, especially affecting the existence or development of someone, something or another system (->habitat), (2) the art of environing, (3) the state of being environed.

  12. A global context in which to access data.

  13. A set of roles that are required to run a specific application and the machines to be used for each role.

  14. One of two deployment destinations within a microsoft azure cloud service: staging or production.

  15. The totality of surrounding conditions and circumstances affecting growth or development. often the term is applied to the natural features of a geographic area: water, air, and land — including ecological relationships.

  16. The sum of the physical, chemical, and biological factors that surround an organism.

Generating, английский
    A rapid roughing process to quickly remove material from a lens. accomplished by cutting tools on a machine. generator, free-form – a type of computercontrolled generator with at least three axes of movement that can cut most continuous lens surface shapes to a level of precision and smoothness that requires only minimal polishing with a free-form polisher. generator, traditional – a type of generator with either two or three axes of movement that can cut only basic spherical and sphero-cylindrical lens surface shapes to a minimal level of smoothness that requires additional fining with a cylinder machine.

Heterogeneous catalysis, английский
    A chemical process in which the catalyst and the reactant are present in separate phases. usually the catalyst is a solid, the reactants and products are in gaseous or liquid phases, and the catalytic reaction occurs on the surface of the solid.

Graphene, английский
    An allotrope of carbon where a single sheet of carbons can be formed in a honeycomb-like lattice nanostructure.