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High-area rapid printing (harp)

Глоссарий терминов в нанотехнологиях
    A fast and high-throughput form of 3d printing that employs a mobile liquid interface to manufacture large and mechanically robust parts. uv light cures a liquid resin into hardened plastic.

Throughput, английский
  1. A measure of the efficiency of an optical system in terms of the luminous flux collected and delivered; also “etendue”.

  2. Пропускная способность (трубопровода); объём выпуска (продукции); производительность

  3. A measure of the amount of information transmitted over a network in a given period of time.

  4. In data communications, the total traffic between stations over a period of time.

  5. The data transfer rate of a network, measured as the number of bits per second transmitted.

  6. The total amount of output produced by a resource.

  7. The volume of work or information flowing through a system.

  8. The amount of raw material processed in a specific time. this is the actual amount, not a percentage.

  9. Объем производства

  10. Quantity of gas, or total number of molecules at a specific temperature, passing a section of a vacuum system per unit of time. see also leakage rate; mass flow rate; volumetric flow rate.

Manufacture, английский
  1. (брит.) производство (в патентном законодательстве великобритании это понятие включает не только изготовление изделия, но и любой способ его сохранения, улучшения или восстановления)

  2. Изделие

Mechanically, английский

Mechanical, английский

Homogeneous catalysis, английский
    A process in which a catalyst is in the same phase — usually a gas or liquid — as the reactant. catalysis of the transformation of organic molecules by acids or bases is one of the most widespread types of homogeneous catalysis.

High throughput screening (hts), английский
    An assortment of technologies used to identify small molecules. hts is often used in drug development to screen potential sources for novel molecules. it is capable of processing a wide variety of input samples and track data for each.