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Глоссарий терминов в нанотехнологиях
    In electronics, the interface between two different types of materials within diodes, transistors, and other semiconductor devices.

Electronics, английский
  1. " and aerospace systems conference конференция по электронике и авиационно-космическим системам

  2. Электроника; электронное оборудование

  3. Электроника

  4. *^ research center научно-исследовательский центр по электронике

Semiconductor, английский
  1. A solid material characterized by comparatively high resistivities.

  2. A material whose resistivity lies between that of conductors and insulators, e.g., germanium and silicon. solid state devices such as transistors, diodes, photocells, and integrated circuits are manufactured from semiconductor materials.

  3. Полупроводник

  4. Any material that has a limited capacity for conducting an electric current. certain semiconductors, including silicon, gallium arsenide, copper indium diselenide, and cadmium telluride, are uniquely suited to the photovoltaic conversion process.

  5. A substance, commonly silicon or germanium, whose ability to conduct electricity falls between that of a conductor and that of a nonconductor (insulator). the term is used loosely to refer to electronic components made from semiconductor materials.

  6. An electronic material that can be an insulator under one condition and switch to a conductor under a different condition shear-thinning

Electronic, английский
  1. Associates, incorporated фирма «электроник ассо- шиитс инкорпорейтед»

  2. Communications, incorporated фирма «электронике комьюникейшнз инкорпорейтед»

  3. Devices, incorporated фирма «электроник дивайсиз :ин- корпорейтед»

  4. Электронный

  5. [emergency] locator transmitter аварийный радиомаяк

  6. One of the music genres that appears under genre classification in windows media player library. based on id3 standard tagging format for mp3 audio files. id3v1 genre id # 52.

Transistor, английский
  1. Транзистор

  2. A semi-conductor device used to switch or otherwise control the flow of electricity.

Kirkendall effect, английский
    The movement of the interface between two metals caused by a variation in the diffusion rates of the metals.

Ion conductors, английский
    The discharge of charged particles in a fluid electrolyte to conduct an electrical current.