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Chatbot machine learning language service

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Patent and trademark depository library (ptdl)

Глоссарий терминологии регистрации патента
    A library designated by the uspto to receive copies of patents, cd-roms containing registered and pending marks, and patent and trademark materials that are made available to the public for free. as of october 1st, 2011 these libraries have been renamed and are referred to as patent and trademark resource centers (ptrcs). the term "pdtl" is no longer used.

Designated, английский
  1. Assigned, specified

  2. Assigned, specified something intended for a specific person or purpose

Containing, английский

Registered, английский
    Аналог понятию buffered для sdram dimm, пока еще не нашло широкого употребления.

Patent application publication, английский
    Pre-grant publication of patent application at 18 months from priority date. a published application as used in this chapter means an application for patent which has been published under 35 usc 122(b).

Otpp, английский
    Office of technical plans and policy.