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Powder bulb

Глоссарий по тестированию
  1. Pneumatic device compressed by hand to deliver a cloud of dry powder developer to the surface of a test object.

  2. Container compressed by hand to deliver a cloud of dry magnetic particles to the surface of a test object.

Bulb, английский
  1. The “b” setting on your camera where the shutter remains opened as long as the button or cable release (remote trigger) is pressed. on a canon it may be on your mode dial on top of the camera, or at the low end of the shutter speed settings (also where it is on a nikon)

  2. Term used for a long exposure setting normally more than 30 seconds. the start of the exposure is made by pressing the shutter, only ending when the shutter button is released. excellent for night photography and a remote release is recommended to prevent camera shake as you press the shutter button.

  3. In lighting,

  4. A round part at the end of an organ or bone  bulb of the penis the round end of the penis. also called glans penis

  5. Бульб - сигарообразное утолщение на конце киля, служащее для повышения способности судна сопротивляться крену и составляющее значительную часть общей массы яхты

  6. Бульб

  7. A cylindrical or spherical underwater protuberance at the fore-end of a vessel to reduce bow wave and modify the flow of water around the hull, reducing drag while increasing speed, range, and fuel efficiency. also bulbous bow.

  8. Сферическая головка

Bulb, английский

Bulb - this is a long time exposure setting, английский
    Bulb this is a long time exposure setting shutter stays open for as long as you keep the shutter release button held down. time exposure mode. similar to bulb mode, only the photographer presses the shutter release once to open the shutter and once again to close it. largely superseded by bulb mode on most cameras, for some reason. odd, as i think t mode is more convenient to use than bulb, and no harder to implement on automated cameras. however, some cameras have a similar function with their electronic shutter releases, even though it isn’t called t mode. for example, canon cameras which support the rc-1 infrared remote work like this in bulb mode. one press of the rc-1 shutter release opens the shutter; another press closes it.

Bulb angle, английский
    An angle iron, one side of which thickens toward the edge, forming a bulbous rib.

Bulb bar, английский
    A steel or iron bar, one side of which thickens toward an edge, forming a bulbous rib at that edge.

Bulb connection, английский

Bulb cupola, английский

Bulb diameter, английский

Bulb extension length, английский

Bulb fill, английский

Bulb insertion length, английский

Bulb kee l, английский

Bulb light, английский
    Лампа; свет лампы

Bulb light characteristics, английский
    Параметры лампы (в графических пакетах)

Bulb material, английский

Bulb of heel, английский
    The rounded portion of the horse`s foot just behind the hoof.

Bulb of pressure, английский

Bulb pile, английский
    A pedestal pile.

Bulb shape, английский

Bulb tee, английский
    A tee, 3 the web of which thickens toward the edge, forming a bulbous rib.

Bulb terminal, английский
    Вывод оболочки

Compressed, английский
  1. Сжат; уплотнен

  2. A sound, recorded track, or mix where the dynamics are restricted or narrowed.

Prerinse technique, английский
    Postemulsifiable penetrant removal step in which major portion of a nonwater washable penetrant is mechanically removed with a water spray before application of emulsifier. sometimes called prewashing. see also postemulsification; emulsifier, hydrophilic; emulsifier, lipophilic. probability of detection (pod): the probability that a given operator or system will find an anomaly of given characteristics, under precise conditions, while using a specific test procedure.

Postemulsification, английский
    Penetrant removal step that uses a separate emulsifier applied over the surface penetrant to render it removable by water spray. see also emulsifier, hydrophilic; emulsifier lipophilic.