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Зачем нужно проверять автоматические субтитры перед переводом?

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Особенности редактирования презентации в формате pptx

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Популярные языки в переводах за апрель 2024 года

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Услуги переводчика для импортно-экспортных операций

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Можно ли использовать изображения из Интернета для публикации в журнале?

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Результаты поиска термина [conditioning]

  1. Кондиционирование

  2. The art and science of preparing a horse mentally and physically for a particular use such as pleasure riding, competitive trail riding, or showing.

  3. A process of allowing textile materials to reach equilibrium with the surrounding atmosphere.

  4. A process of allowing textile materials (staple, tow, yarns, and fabrics) to reach hygroscopic equilibrium with the surrounding atmosphere. materials may be conditioned in a standard atmosphere (65%rh,70°f) for testing purposes or in arbitrary conditions existing in manufacturing or processing areas. cone: a conical package of yarn, usually wound on a disposable paper core.

  5. Меры к улучшению физического состояния
conditioning (pre and post)
    The exposure of a material to the influence of a prescribed atmosphere for a stipulated period
conditioning agent
  1. In magnetic particle testing, additive to water based carrier fluid aiding with defoaming, surface wetting, particle dispersion, corrosivity ph or or antifungal properties.

  2. Additive to water based carrier fluid aiding with defoaming, surface wetting, particle dispersion, ph or corrosivity, or antifungal properties. conductance (g): transmission of electric current through material. measured in siemens (s). inversely related to electrical resistance (r):4

  3. Conductivity (?): ability of material to transmit electric current, measured in siemens per meter. reciprocal or inverse of resistivity ?:4 (2)
conditioning chamber
    conditioning period
      Time spent in circulating a higher-than-normal volume of fluid through the drilling string while slowly rotating and lowering the string from the last few feet above to the bottom of a bore¬hole to wash away any obstructing material before resuming coring operations.
    conditioning system
      conditioning time
        conditioning treatment
          A treatment applied to equilibrate the moisture content of wood to a particular value.