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Результаты поиска термина [temperature]

  1. Température

  2. Dry-bulb - temperature of air as indicated by a standard thermometer.

  3. An expression of thermal energy density. how hot or cold an object is.

  4. The measure of the intensity of heat that a substance possesses.

  5. Температура

  6. Температура тмр test methods and procedures методы проведения испытаний и последовательность их проведения тмр theodolite measuring point кинотеодолитная станция

  7. Temperatura, fiebre

  8. The condition attained when the wetted wick of a wet-bulb thermometer has reached a stable and constant temperature when exposed to moving air in excess of 900 ft (274.3 m) per minute.

  9. 1. the heat of the body or of the surrounding air, measured in degrees  the doctor asked the nurse what the patient’s temperature was.  his temperature was slightly above normal.  the thermometer showed a temperature of 99°f.  to take a patient’s temperature to insert a thermometer in someone’s body to see what his or her body temperature is  they took his temperature every four hours.  when her temperature was taken this morning, it was normal. 2. illness when your body is hotter than normal  he’s in bed with a temperature.  her mother says she’s got a temperature, and can’t come to work. comment: the average body temperature is about 37° celsius or 98° fahrenheit. this temperature may vary during the day, and can rise if a person has taken a hot bath or had a hot drink. if the environmental temperature is high, the body has to sweat to reduce the heat gained from the air around it. if the outside temperature is low, the body shivers, because rapid movement of the muscles generates heat. a fever will cause the body temperature to rise sharply, to 40°c (103°f) or more. hypothermia exists when the body temperature falls below about 35°c (95°f).

  10. Повышение температуры бетона ~ of truss высота фермы jet ~ высота подъёма горизонтальной неизотермической приточной струи, «всплывающей» над приточным отверстием

  11. Температура ~ of adiabatic saturation температура адиабатического насыщения

  12. Normal adult temperature varies among horses, but will usually range in degrees from 99.5°f to 100.5°f.

  13. A measure of the average kinetic energy of a material. the standard unit of temperature is a kelvin, (k). temperature determines the direction of heat flow between any two systems in thermal contact. heat will always flow from the area of higher temperature (t source) to one of lower temperature (t sink). temperature gradient (?t)

  14. A measure of the degree of molecular motion of a material compared to a reference point. temperature is measured in degrees farenheit (melting point of ice = 32 º f, boiling point of water = 212 º f) or degrees celsius (melting point of ice = 0 º c, boiling point of water = 100 º c).

  15. The degree of sensible heat of a body as measured by a thermometer or similar instrument.

  16. Measure of the intensity of particle motion in degrees celsius (°c) or degrees fahrenheit (°f) or, in the absolute scale, kelvin (k), where the increment of 1 k = 1 °c = 1.8 °f.

  17. Temperature of surrounding atmosphere. also called dry bulb temperature. compare standard atmospheric conditions. ampere (a): si unit of electric current. ampere per meter (a·m–1): si derived unit of magnetic field intensity. the measurement 1 a·m–1, for example, describes a current of 1 a flowing through a coil that is 1 m in diameter. compare oersted. ampere turn (at): in magnetic particle testing, unit for expressing the magnetomotive force required for magnetization using a coil in terms of the product of the number of coil turns and the current in amperes flowing through the coil. amplitude, echo: in ultrasonic testing, the vertical height of a received signal on an a-scan, measured from base to peak for a video presentation or from peak to peak for a radio frequency presentation.

  18. Measure of the intensity of particle motion in degrees celsius (°c), degrees fahrenheit (°f) or, in the absolute scale, kelvin (k) or degrees rankine (°r). an increment of 1 k = 1 °c = 1.8 °r = 1.8 °f. compare heat.
        temperature -
        1. Падение температуры

        2. Поле температур
        temperature - an adjustment of the readings of the resistance-type electrical moisture meter to compensate for changes in the temperature of wood. corrections are tabulated in as/nzs 1080 1:1997
          temperature analysis
            temperature analysis:
              Procedure of determining the temperature development in members on the basis of the thermal actions (net heat flux) and the thermal material properties of the members and of protective surfaces, where relevant
            temperature and cold box
            1. Камера тепла и холода

            2. Ленточный бандаж
            temperature and humidity infrared radiometer
              Ик-радиометр для определения температуры и влажности тнк thick толстый
            temperature and pressure relief valve (t&p valve)
              Safety device that releases hot water when temperatures inside the tank reach 210°f, or when pressure exceeds 150psi.
            temperature and species.
              temperature bulb
                Датчик температуры; датчик термометра
              temperature chart
                A chart showing changes in a person’s temperature over a period of time
              temperature chimney
                A pipe leading from the deck into the hold of a bulker, down which a thermometer can be lowered to determine heat build-up which might lead to spontaneous combustion.
              temperature coefficient
                A factor relating the response characteristics of a device with changes in the ambient temperature.
              temperature coefficient of resistance
                temperature colors
                  temperature compensated digital inertial sensor
                    temperature compensation
                      A circuit that adjusts the charge controller activation points depending on battery temperature. this feature is recommended if the battery temperature is expected to vary more than ±5°c from ambient temperature.
                    temperature control
                      temperature control system
                        Система терморегулирования
                      temperature control valve
                        Тер- морегулирующий клапан, клапан регулирования температуры
                      temperature controller
                        temperature cracking
                          The cracking of a concrete member due to tensile failure caused by a temperature drop (if member is subjected to external restraints) or caused by a temperature differential (if member is subjected to internal restraints).
                        temperature data logger
                          temperature data logger (tiny ttmtm)
                            Устройство для регистрации температуры (tiny ttmtm) портативный электронный терморегистратор работающий по принципу «многоразовой контрольной карточки-индикатора».
                          temperature de calcul de l`air exterieur
                            temperature de transition
                              temperature dew point
                                temperature diagram
                                  temperature difference component
                                    temperature difference component:
                                      The part of a temperature profile in a structural element representing the temperature difference between the outer face of the element and any in-depth point
                                    temperature drop
                                      Падение [снижение] температуры
                                    temperature envelope
                                      Temperature range over which a particular penetrant testing technique will operate.
                                    temperature envelope (pt)
                                      The temperature range over which a particular penetrant inspection test will operate.
                                    temperature factors
                                    1. It is common for three elements in photovoltaic system sizing to have distinct temperature corrections: a factor used to decrease battery capacity at cold temperatures; a factor used to decrease pv module voltage at high temperatures; and a factor used to decrease the current carrying capability of wire at high temperatures.

                                    2. It is common for three elements in photovoltaic system sizing to
                                    temperature flame efficiency
                                      temperature fluctuations
                                        temperature fuse
                                          temperature gradient
                                            The change of sea heat with increasing depth, recorded as positive if it rises. except for anomalies such as hot vents on the sea floor, the gradient is almost always negative because cold water normally sinks. see also thermocline.
                                          temperature graph
                                            A graph showing how a person’s temperature rises and falls over a period of time
                                          temperature in degrees
                                            Fahrenheit to the numerical value of the relative humidity and dividing by 2; expressed to the nearest integral value.
                                          temperature indicating crayon
                                            temperature indicator
                                            1. Указатель температуры, термометр

                                            2. Указатель температуры
                                            temperature indicators
                                              Точечный индикатор времени, пара и температуры (впт-индикатор) точечные химические индикаторы времени, воздействия пара и температуры необходимы для каждого цикла стерилизации.
                                            temperature inversion
                                              A layer of air in which the temperature increases with height. meteorological convention considers temperature decreasing with height as the norm, thus when temperature decreases with height, it is inverted. there are four common causes of a temperature inversion
                                            temperature limit
                                              Температурный предел; граница температур
                                            temperature logging
                                              temperature map
                                                Diagrammatic representation of the temperature values of a component or assembly (for example, a piston) when operating, as by isotherms or lines of equal temperature. temping steel plug of known hardness inserted into a component of which the operating temperature is to be found.
                                              temperature monitoring