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Глоссарии и словари бюро переводов Фларус

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Глоссарий по бильярду

½-ball hit
    A shot where the cue ball center is aimed to pass through the outside edge of the object ball, resulting in a cut angle of 30º
удар в полшара;
¼-ball hit
    A shot where the cue ball inside edge is aimed to pass through one quarter of the object ball, resulting in a cut angle of about 49º
удар в 1/4 шара;
    Acronym for "one-pocket"
    Same as "straight pool"
14.1 continuous
    Same as "straight pool"
14.1 continuous;
2.5x rule
    Principle stating that the cb will deflect by about 2½-times the cut angle with a thin hit (less than a ¼-ball hit)
правило 2.5-кратного увеличения;
3-cushion billiards
    See "three-cushion billiards"
3-бортный карамболь;
¾- ball hit
    A shot where the cue ball inside edge is aimed to pass through three quarters of the object ball, resulting in a cut angle of about 15º
удар в 3/4 шара;
30° rule
    Principle stating that a rolling cue ball’s path deflects by approximately 30° after impact with an object ball for a cut shot between a 1/4-ball and 3/4-ball hit
закон 30°;
45° rule
    Principle stating that if the cb rolls into the short rail at roughly a 45º angle, it will head fairly close to the center of the table after contacting the long rail
закон 45°;
7 and out
    See "give the x and out"
7 and out;
8 and out
    See "eight and out"
8 and out;
70% rule
    Principle stating that the cb will deflect by approximately 70% of the angle from the initial direction to the tangent line with a full hit (greater than ¾-ball hit)
закон 70%;
7x rule
    Principle stating that the cb will roll forward by about 1/7 of the distance the ob rolls forward with a straight-on roll shot
закон 7-кратного увеличения;
    A pool game, played with all 15 balls racked in a triangle pattern, where the objective is to pocket the 8-ball after pocketing all seven of your designated balls (stripes or solids)
игра "восьмёрка";
    The pool game played with only the first nine balls (1-9), racked in a diamond pattern with the 9-ball in the center. the lowest numbered ball must always be hit first. the person who pockets the ... игра "девятка";
90° rule
    Principle stating that the cue ball and object ball will separate at 90° after impact provided the cue ball strikes the object ball with no vertical plane spin (i.e., stun)
закон 90°;
address the ball
    Move and settle into your stance in preparation for a shot
address the ball;
after-collision massé
    Massé shot where the cue ball curves mostly after contact with the object ball (e.g., if the object ball is close to the cue to begin with)
массе после столкновения;
ahead session
    A match won by being a certain number of games ahead
ahead session;
aim and pivot
    Method (e.g., bhe or fhe) used to compensate aim for squirt. the cue is initially aimed for a center-ball hit and is pivoted to apply the amount of english desired. this is done before the shot прицеливание и поворот;
aiming line
    The imaginary line through the cue ball in the direction of the intended target (e.g., the center of the ghost ball) that results in contact with a rail or the object ball at the desired contact p... линия прицеливания;
aiming point
    The center of the imaginary ghost ball target resulting in contact with the object ball at the desired contact point
точка прицеливания;
aiming system
    A systematic method used to aim shots
система прицеливания;
air barrel
    Not having the money to pay off a loss when gambling
air barrel;
angle of reflection
  1. Same as "rebound angle"

  2. See reflection.

  3. Included angle between the beam axis of the reflected wave and the normal to the reflecting surface at the point of reflection. угол отражения;
angle to the pocket
    The angle of approach of a ball to a pocket measured relative to the pocket centerline. a straight-in shot has a 0° angle to the pocket.
угол к лузе;
approach angle (aka "angle of incidence")
    The angle at which a ball approaches a rail, measured from the rail perpendicular. a ball driven directly into (perpendicular to) a rail has an approach angle of zero.
угол сближения (также известный как "угол падения");
artistic shot
    Same as "trick shot"
артистический удар;
avoidance shot
    A shot where the cue ball path is controlled to avoid hitting surrounding balls
удар для предотвращения столкновений;
    Popular pool and billiards website and online discussion forum
back cut
    A cut shot where the cue ball is shot well away from the target pocket (e.g., when the cue ball is much closer to the target pocket rail than the object ball). in other words, the butt of the cue ... обратная резка;
back-hand english (bhe)
    Method used to compensate one’s aim for squirt. you aim the shot assuming a center-ball hit on the cue ball (i.e., no english). then you pivot the stick with your back (grip) hand, keeping your br... винт задней руки (bhe);
    Same as "bottom spin"
обратный винт;
bad hit
    Not hitting an object ball first, resulting in a foul
плохой удар;
bad roll
    Unfortunate roll of the ball (e.g., bad position due to roll-off); or, just bad luck
bad roll;
balance point
  1. The center of gravity of the cue

  2. An outdoor temperature, usually between 30° f and 45° f, at which a heat pump’s output exactly equals the heating needs of the home. below the balan... точка равновесия;
    A carom game where the table is subdivided into regions (e.g., 9) separated by straight lines. there are restrictions on the number of points can be scored (e.g., 2) when both object balls stay wi... balkline;
ball banger
    See "banger"
ball banger;
ball grouping
    Two or more balls of the same type (“stripes” or “solid”) in the same general area of the table
группировка шаров;
ball-compression deflection-angle
    Slight change in the object ball’s direction due to the slight amount of compression of the cue ball and object ball during impact
угол отклонения, связанный со сжатием шара;
ball-hit fraction
    For a cut shot, the fraction of the object ball covered by the projected cue ball. for a square hit (0º cut angle), the ball-hit fraction is 1. for a half-ball hit, the ball-hit fraction is 1... доля перекрытия шаров;
    Situation when the cue ball can be placed anywhere on the table as a result of a foul or scratch by your opponent
шар с руки;
ball turn
    Very slight curve of the path of a ball with sidespin, caused by cloth friction
поворот шара;
bank pool
    Game where points are scored for pocketing bank shots only
bank pool;
bank shot
    A shot in which the object ball is bounced off one or more rails before being pocketed
удар от борта (дуплет, триплет и т.д.);
bar box
    Small (3 1/2’ by 7’) coin-operated tables found in bars
bar box;
bar rules
    Sometimes arbitrary and often different rules by which novices play pool in bars
барные правила;
    Number of payoff units available in your bankroll or in a ring game
barrels (дословно "бочки");
bending a shot
    Using massé spin to curve a ball’s trajectory (e.g., with a massé shot or with an angled kick shot with draw or follow)
удар по дуге;
behind the eight-ball
    Snookered by your opponent with the cue ball behind the 8-ball; also, a general phrase used to indicate you are in a tough spot
спрятан за "восьмёркой";
    Back-hand english
big ball
    An oversized cue ball (e.g., in some bar boxes); or an obstacle ball close to a rail or other balls blocking shot paths; or an object ball close to a rail that is easy to hit with a kick shot. большой шар;
big balls
    Same as "stripes"
большие шары;
big fish
    A "fish" with lots of money
важная персона;
big pocket
    A pocket with a wide margin for error for a specific shot (e.g., if the object ball is very close to the pocket and/or if there are nearby balls that provide ample carom opportunities).
большая луза;
billiard shot
    A shot where the cue ball is kissed or caromed off an object ball (e.g., to pocket another object ball)
billiard shot;
    Term for all cue games including pool (pocket billiards), snooker, and carom games.
blind pocket
  1. A target pocket for a cut shot with a line of aim away from the pocket (i.e., you are not looking toward the pocket)

  2. A pocket in the ceiling at a window
слепая луза;
  1. Obstacle ball that blocks the desired path of the cue ball

  2. A mechanical device for affixing an ophthalmic lens blank to a plastic or metal lens carrier; used in lens edging and lens... мешающий шар; черновой ручей штампа;
body english
  1. Contorting your body in a feeble attempt to change the path of balls in motion

  2. Разг. жестикуляция зрителей или игроков во время спортивной игры bog – boo
body english;
bonus ball
    A game played with nine balls involving a combination of snooker, 8-ball, one- pocket, and straight pool elements
bonus ball;
bottom spin (aka "backspin" or "draw english")
    Reverse rotation of the cue ball resulting from a below-center hit on the cue ball (see draw shot)
    Pool game or drill played with ten balls. bowling-like scoring is used. after the break, you get ball in hand. if you pocket all ten balls without a miss, you get a "strike" . after the first miss... боулиардс;
break and run
    A victory where you pocket a ball on the break and clear the remaining balls without giving your opponent an inning at the table
break and run;
break box
    Square 2-diamond-by-2-diamond area in the “kitchen” centered between the side rails between the head string and head rail. some tournaments require breaking from within this area to prevent an oft... break box;
break cloth
    Piece of cloth used under the cb during breaks to prevent damage to the table cloth
кусок сукна для разбоя;
break down cue
    Take a 2-piece cue apart by unscrewing the joint
разобрать кий;
break-out shot
    A shot where the cue ball is directed, after striking an object ball, to strike a ball cluster to scatter the balls into more favorable positions
удар с подбоем;
break pad
    Same as "break cloth"
break pad;
break-up shot
    Same as "break-out shot"
bridge distance
    Same as "bridge length"
мостовое расстояние;
bridge length
    The distance between the bridge and the cue ball
длина моста;
broken down
    Mentally defeated before the end of a match
  1. Rubber cushion on the end of the butt of a cue

  2. Амортизатор, буфер

  3. Амортизатор

  4. A protective guard hung over the side of a ship and left in place when underway (... бампер; bmpr; амортизатор; буфер; станции; встряхивающая формовочная машина;
bumper pool
    Game with two opposing pockets and multiple obstacle bumper pegs off which balls can be rebounded. the goal is for each player to make all of their balls into their designated (opposite) pocket wi... бамперный бильярд;
burn mark
    Discoloration of the cloth (usually white) caused by friction between the ball and cloth during fast speed and/or strong impact shots (e.g., break or jump shots)
прожечь пометку;

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