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Глоссарий терминов по водяному отоплению (английский)

  1. Stands for annual fuel utilization efficiency. this is a percentage measurement of a furnace’s heating efficiency. for example, an afue of 90 means that 90% of the fuel is being used to warm y... annual fuel utilization efficiency; годовая эффективность использования топлива;
  1. The abbreviation for british thermal units per hour. a common measure of heat transfer rate.

  2. British thermal unit per hour
british thermal unit per hour;
carbon monoxide (co)
    A colorless, odorless gas produced by burning any fuel. old and malfunctioning heating systems produce high volumes of this gas. co is highly toxic and potentially deadly. symptoms of co poisoning...
defrost cycle
  1. The process of removing ice or frost buildup from the outdoor coil during the heating season.

  2. The removal of ice or frost buildup from the outdoor coil during the heating season
direct vent
  1. An opening that pulls in outside air for combustion and expels combusted gases directly outside.

  2. Pulls outside air for combustion and vents combustion gases directly outside.
downflow furnace
  1. A type of furnace that takes cool air from the top and blows warm air to the bottom. commonly used where furnaces must be located in a second-floor closet or utility area.

  2. Draws in ...
  1. Stands for gallons per hour. an efficiency rating for oil furnaces.

  2. Gallons per hour

  3. Graphite

  4. Geological publishing house (china)
graphite; графит; gallons per hour; geological publishing house (china);
heat gain
  1. The amount of heat gained, in btu’s, from a space to be conditioned, at the local summer outdoor design temperature and a specified indoor design condition.

  2. As measured in btus, the... hg; поступление теплоты; добавка тепла;
heating capacity
  1. The rate at which a specific device can add substantial heat to a substance, expressed in btuh (british thermal units per hour).

  2. The rate at which a specific device can add substant...
horizontal furnace
  1. A type of furnace that lies on its side. it draws in air from one side, heats it and sends the warm air out the other side. most often used in attics or crawl spaces.

  2. A sideways fur...
  1. Stands for heating seasonal performance factor. a measure of the heating efficiency of a heat pump. it’s calculated by dividing the heat pump’s total heating output (btuh) by electrical wattag... heating seasonal performance factor;
natural-draft furnace
  1. A furnace in which the natural flow of air from around the furnace provides the air to support combustion.

  2. A furnace whose natural airflow around the furnace supports combustion it ...
storage tank
  1. A steel shell where the refrigerant charge for a chiller may be temporarily stored while the chiller is serviced.

  2. A tank used to hold a specific volume of water.

  3. A contai... аккумуляторный бак запасный бак; сборный танк; емкость для хранения;
superheated vapor
    Refrigerant vapor heated beyond its saturation point.
upflow furnace
  1. A furnace that pulls return air in from the bottom and expels warm air from the top into the ductwork. this type of furnace is usually installed in a basement or an out-of-the-way closet.

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