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Photo Chemical Glossary

exothermic reaction
  1. A chemical reaction that creates heat.

  2. A chemical reaction that releases energy. the energy released is by heat or light. the energy needed to initiate the chemical reaction is less... экзотермическая реакция;
labyrinth screening can
    A complex screening can, with many compartments.
zahn cup
    A cup with a precisely dimensioned orifice that measures indirectly the
    A curvature across the full width of the strip of metal that renders it somewhat
characteristic curve
  1. A curve in which d is plotted against log exposure resulting from

  2. Характеристика; характеристическая кривая

  3. Curve that expresses film density as function of log relative ... curva característica; h & d curve (hurter and driffield) (rt); h and d curve (rt); sensitometric curve (rt);
    A darkroom or processing area lamp which emits light of a colour that will not
luz de seguridad; безопасное освещение; неактиничный свет;
molecular dye imaging materials
    A designation of a particular diazo material
    A dye system by which the background dye lightens upon exposure to uv
    A dye system in which the background dye darkens upon exposure to uv
embedded particle
    A foreign particle of solid substance impressed into the surface of
reciprocity law
    A general law for photo chemical reactions which states that the mass of
ley de reciprocidad; law of reciprocity, photographic (rt);
  1. A general term applicable to any of the specifically defined photographic

  2. Фотошаблон
фотошаблон; используется для изготовления интегральных схем, устройств на жк, мнемосхем и т.п.);
cosine law
  1. A law of illumination which indicates that the flux radiated or received in a

  2. Physical law stating that the illumination of a surface varies as the cosine of the incidence angle. ma... lambert’s . cosmati work polychromatic patterns of stone, glass, or gilding set in marble; commonly; lambert cosine law;
photographic layer
    A light-sensitive coating containing silver halide which has been
    A material composed of a stable base such as glass or film with an opaque
luminance (or brightness)
    A measure of flux reflected or emitted from a surface. it has
luminous energy
  1. A measure of rate of flow of flux. it has units of lumen-seconds.

  2. The time integral of luminous flux; given by the product of the luminous flux and the time that the flux is maintai...
  1. A measure of the degree to which the angle between the x-x and y-y

  2. Перпендикулярность
cut and strip
    A method of producing artwork by cutting the pattern, usually on a
spin coating
    A method of putting a precise thickness of a wet resist coating on a substrate.
aplicación de recubrimiento (cd);
lateral reversal
    A mirror image of the geometric orientation of a pattern.
inversión lateral;
    A non-silver, room lighting, uv-sensitive coating, usually on a stable transparent
mouse bites
    A phenomenon in the edge of undercut photoresist whereby the edge
step wedge
    A photographic film containing areas of optical density increasing in constant
wedge (rt); ступенчатый клин;
photographic plate
    A photographic layer on "soda-lime-silica" plate glass.
contact printing
    A photographic process in which an image is transferred from one
positivado por contacto .; tiraje por contacto .;
right reading down
    A photomask in which the functional pattern is oriented as shown on
right reading up
    A photomask in which the functional pattern is oriented as shown on
liquid resist
    A photoresist applied to the substrate by dipping, roller coating, curtain
datum plane
  1. A plane from which distances or dimensions are reckoned.

  2. Базовая плоскость
datum point
    A point used as the basis for reckoning.
cupric chloride
    A popular etchant for copper.
    A process for identifying and eliminating defects in emulsion and photoresist.
reversal development
    A process used with certain photographic emulsions for reversing
(a) drafting — as part of
    1. A ridge or groove in flat-rolled metal caused by improper tension control during

    2. A break or line in a fabric generally caused by a sharp fold. creases may be either desirable or und... складка; сгиб;; штрих; рубчик;; линия рилевки; русло слива;
    film sandwich
      A sandwich composed of photomasks made with flexible film materials.
    glass sandwich
      A sandwich composed of photomasks made with rigid glass material.
    1. A series of etched parts tagged into a frame. typically several frets are etched within

    2. A narrow strait of the sea, from fretum.

    3. Förster resonance energy transfer förster resonance energy transfer; пятнистый;
    reduction marks
      A set of stylized patterns in the border area of an artwork between
    1. A small design used as the symbol of an organisation.

    2. Язык лого

    3. In 1972, seymour papert at mit invented logo, a programming language designed to teach programming to chil... фирменный знак; логотип; торговый знак; эмблема;; регистрационные данные; логотип;
    loop (loupe)
      A small folding magnifying glass.
    metal hardening
      A thermal, mechanical, or chemical treatment used to increase the
    1. A unit of measurement (1 nm=10-9 metres) commonly used to define

    2. A unit of measurement of length equal to one thousand millionth of a metre. symbol nm
    artwork master
      An accurate one-to-one pattern, usually a single image, which is used to
      An accurately scaled pattern (usually a single image) which is used to produce
    изобразительный оригинал;; фотооригинал (шаблона); оригинал фотошаблона;; художественные произведения; иллюстрации; графика;
      An ammonia-based etchant commonly used for copper.
    yellow room
      An area illuminated with yellow light for handling photo resist coated panels
      An english abbreviation for one-thousandth of an inch.
    light source, point
      An exposure system which uses a small, intense source combined with
    right reading
      An obsolete phototool definition of image orientation in which the
      An obsolete term where degrees twaddell is defined by tw° = 200 (sg -1).
    mask, metal on glass
      An optical mask comprising a glass substrate selectively covered by
    1. An x and y coordinate plotting machine consisting of a fixed or rotating

    2. Координатограф
      Any method of reducing feature locations on a flat plane to digital
      Any of the phototooling products which may be retained for recreating or
    dip coating
    1. Applying resist to the surface of the substrate by immersing it in a tank of

    2. The process of passing a fabric through a solution of resin or elastomer, then through squeeze rolls to ...
    a a (s)
      Atomic absorption (spectrometry) is used for analyzing solutions for their metal
    trapezoidal etch
      Best described as the shape of the sand that is left on a beach after a
    edge waves
      Buckle-like distortions that exist whenever the edge is longer than other
    density (d)
      By definition, the log (1/t) where t is transparency. the value of d depends
      Chemical solution used in etching.
    реактив для травления;
    coil set
      Curvature of rolled metal along its length caused by coiling under too much
      Designating or conforming to either of the scales used by the french chemist
    reciprocity failure
      Deviation from the reciprocity law. typically, the deviation occurs at
    photographic reduction dimensions
      Dimensions (e.g. the distance between lines or
    laser direct imaging (ldi)
      Direct imaging of a photoresist with a moving laser beam,
    pickle stain
    1. Discoloured area on the surface of pickled metal due to incomplete rinsing

    2. Discoloration of metal due to chemical cleaning without adequate washing and drying.
    протравная окраска;
    laminating resist
      Dry film resist is applied to the workpiece, and heated with pressure
    selective etch
      Etching at unequal rates in limited areas, frequently caused by
    isotropic etching
      Etching equally in all directions.
    1. Fine, dark-coloured, powdery material that sometimes remains on the surface of

    2. Копоть, сажа тель затемнения). в других дымомерах проба загрязненного дымом газа фильтруется через бел...
      For the smt industry, stencils are produced by pcm, laser (cutting) and pef,
      Generally used for etching at higher speeds, these consist of larger orifice nozzles
      Generally, etched discs used as illumination masks for product advertisements.
      German acronym for x-ray lithography, electrodeposition (galvanoformung) and
    hepa filter
    1. High efficiency particulate air filter. these are replaceable, extended-media

    2. High-efficiency particulate air filter with an effective pore size that captures bacterial cells, endos... high efficiency particulate air filter; нера-фильтр;

    Photo Chemical Glossary

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