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Глоссарии и словари бюро переводов Фларус

Поиск в глоссариях:  

Hotel Glossary

a la carte menu
    A menu of food and drinks in which each item is individually listed and priced.
all inclusive
    Includes: 3 meals, snacks, drinks, kids' programs, and the use of other specified facilities.
b&b - bed and breakfast
  1. 1) a small scale hotel that provides a room and a breakfast. a b&b may also be a residential home setting and/or a historic building.

  2. 2) room rate that includes the price of the roo...
  1. Hotel employee who assists guests by carrying their luggage and running errands for them.

  2. Проф. сигнальщик (крановщика)
boutique hotel
    Historical building refurbished and redesigned into a small scale luxury hotel. boutique hotels are often themed.
continental breakfast
    A small breakfast which usually includes coffee/tea, and pastries.
double deluxe room
    A larger room with a lounge area.
double occupancy rate
    Rate is based on a per-person charge for 2 people in a room.
double room
    Room accommodating 2 guests. may include a  double or queen size bed.
early arrival
    Guest arrives to the hotel before the specified date or time of their reservation.
early makeup
    Room status term indicating that a guest has reserved an early check-in time or has requested their room to be cleaned as soon as possible.
english breakfast
  1. An elaborate breakfast which usually includes: eggs, cereals, veggies, fruit, meat or fish, breads, beverages and preserves.

  2. Плотный утренний завтрак (с горячим блюдом)
excutive floor
    Hotel floor that offers first-class services to business and other travelers.
executive housekeeper
    Manages the housekeeping department in a hotel.
executive room
    Luxury room accommodating 1-2 guests. usually offers exclusive services and amenities.
extended stay
    Hotel that offers guest services for long periods of time and often offer weekly rates.
family rate
    Package room rate for parents and children occupying one guestroom.
full board (fb)
    Includes 3 meals a day.
guest account
  1. Record of a guest's charges and credits. items may include: drinks at the bar, food purchases, movie rentals etc. the bill is maintained by hotel the hotel until check-out. it is also referred...
guest amenities
    This term is used for the range of disposable items provided in guest room bathrooms. this includes: shampoo, conditioner, lotion, soap, toothpaste, toothbrush, shower caps, etc… the cost of these...
guest history
    A record maintained for each guest who has stayed at the hotel with a separate entry for each visit and details of pertinent preferences.
guest service directory
    Package of documents and listings of hotel features & services as well as useful information about the surrounding area. the directory is usually available in each room.
half board (hb)
    Includes 2 meals (breakfast and usually dinner) a day.
    Owner or manager of a hotel.
incidental charges
    Charges for services not included in the package such as: phone calls, food, drinks, movies, etc.
independent hotel
    Hotel with no chain affiliation or franchise.
mini bar
    A small floor mounted refrigerator containing a variety of beverages and snacks located in guest rooms.
rack rate
    A full, undiscounted room rate charge published for each accommodation as established by the hotel's management.
resident manager
    Manager in charge of the rooms. in some cases, the resident manager may also be in charge of security.
room service
    Guest orders and receives food and beverages to their room.
safety deposit boxes
    Individual boxes provided for the safekeeping of guest valuables.
single room
    Room accommodating 1 guest. usually includes a single or double bed.
star rating:
    Low budget hotels. may not have maid service or room service.
1 star hotel
    Budget hotels. usually offer maid service and room service.
2 star hotel
    Middle class hotels that are moderately priced. usually offers daily maid and room services, pool access and internet access.
3 star hotel
    Luxury hotel. offers a variety of personalized services. also, often includes the use of a spa and fitness facilities
4 star hotel
    First-class hotel. usually the most expensive. catering to the needs of the most extravagant guests. often include a private golf course.
5 star hotel
    These accommodation facilities include: motels, cottages, bungalows and others with limited services.
none star hotel
    traditional lodging
      Guests pay nightly rates for single rooms or suites and have full access to the hotel's range of amenities and services. rates begin at "rack" but vary based on: time of week, season, nearby event...
    wake up call
      A request made by a guest to have the front desk call them in order to wake them up by a certain time in the morning.
    walk in guest
      Guest who checks in without having made a reservation.

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