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Глоссарий терминов по коневодству, лошадям, скачкам и соревнованиям

schooling show
  1. A "practice" show for novice riders and advanced riders schooling green horses.

  2. Warm-up or practice show early in the season.
pulling back
    A bad habit in which the horse pulls back violently on the lead rope when tied, potentially injuring himself and anyone around him.
snaffle bit
    A bit with a jointed mouthpiece and rings at the ends; works first on the corners of the mouth. less severe than a curb bit.
coggins test
  1. A blood test to detect exposure to equine infectious anemia; proof of a "negative coggins" is often required before a horse is allowed on the grounds of a horse show or a boarding stable.
leg up
    A boost into the saddle, given by someone standing next to the rider and grasping her lower left leg with both hands as the rider bends her leg at the knee.
walk-trot class
    A class for beginning riders in which only the walk and trot (and not the canter, or lope) are called for.
lead-line class
    A class for the youngest children in which all mounts are lead by an adult or older child.
jumper class
    A class in which the english horse-and-rider pair must negotiate a course of fences; only knock-downs and time penalties count (as opposed to a hunter class, in which proper form is judged).
  1. A french term meaning training. in the discipline of dressage, the english horse-and-rider pair execute gymnastic movements that highlight the horse`s balance, suppleness, cadence, and obedien... выездка;
    A general term for european breeds of sport horses. examples include dutch warmblood, hanoverian, and holsteiner.
paint horse
    A horse, usually of stock type, registered with the american paint horse association; it has a two-toned body color (white patches and areas over the base color).
hunter class
    A judged class in which the english horse-and-rider pair must negotiate a course of fences with willingness, regularity, and style.
working cow horse
    A judged event in which the horse-and-rider pair must perform tasks related to cattle herding, plus a reining pattern. also called reined cow horse.
reined cow horse
    A judged event in which the western horse-and-rider pair must perform tasks related to cattle herding, plus a reining pattern. also called working cow horse.
  1. A judged event in which the western horse-and-rider pair perform a pattern of circles and straight lines, with sliding stops and spins in place.

  2. A western event
    A one-piece english bit equipped to handle four reins; a sort of "part snaffle, part curb" bit.
  1. A person who trims and shoes horses` feet.

  2. A horseshoer

  3. A skilled horse shoer.
pony of the americas (poa)
    A pony breed created by crossing shetland ponies with appaloosa horses; generally sporting appaloosa coat patterns. poas are commonly used as children`s mounts.
quarter pony
    A pony of quarter horse type and disposition; commonly used as a children`s mount.
welsh pony
  1. A pony originating in wales; excellent for riding and commonly used as a children`s mount.

  2. A breed of pony
  1. A serious disease affecting the hooves, often caused by eating too much grain or green grass; especially problematic for ponies. also called founder.

  2. Founder, inflammation of the se...
breed show
    A show in which competition is limited to a single breed of horse; the event is sanctioned by that breed`s registry. (for example, the appaloosa horse club sanctions breed shows for appaloosas.)
  1. A slow canter performed by western horses.

  2. A slow, western-style canter

  3. A three-beat gait: (1) an initiating hind leg; (2) a diagonal pair including the leading hind leg ...
competitive trail riding
    A sport in which english or western riders negotiate a preset trail, and are judged on horsemanship and the fitness of their mounts, rather than speed.
barrel racing
    A sport in which the western horse-and-rider pair gallop around barrels; the rider with the fastest time without overturning a barrel is the winner.
  1. A sport, also called combined training, in which english horse-and-rider pairs compete in dressage, cross-country jumping, and jumping in an arena.

  2. A competition involving three dis...
  1. A spotted horse breed originating in the land of the nez perce indians (northwestern united states). as compared to a paint or pinto, appaloosas have small spots or flecks of white.

loafing shed
    A three-sided shelter, in a pasture or paddock, which a horse can enter at will for protection from the elements.
  1. A timed event in which the western rider must chase and rope a steer.

  2. A western event where a calf is roped.
quarter horse
  1. A well-muscled, good-tempered, versatile breed that`s popular among adults and children alike. the american quarter horse association is the largest single-breed registry in the world.

    A wide swath of white on a horse`s face, running from above the eyes to the nostrils.
    An english bit that combines snaffle rings with a mild curb-bit action.
medal class
    An equitation class over fences.
school horse
    An experienced, usually older horse used as a lesson mount; also called lesson horse. good school horses make wonderful first mounts, but they are rarely for sale.
  1. An informal competition featuring speed events and games, such as pole bending and trotting race.

  2. Нерабочий день (обыкн. у шахтеров) день, свободный от занятий в школе play-spell вр...
  1. An in-hand class in which the western handler is judged on his/her ability to present the horse effectively to the judge.

  2. An in-hand class that is judged on the exhibitor`s ability ...
  1. Ankle-length, fitted english riding pants worn with ankle-high jodhpur boots. this ensemble is popular among young riders.

  2. Брюки для верховой езды
riding sneakers
    Athletic-styled shoes designed specifically for riding, with steel reinforcement and an adequate heel.
  1. Competitions offering timed obstacle classes and games such as barrel racing and pole bending.

  2. An event or show that consists of games on horseback. arena race, egg-in-spoon race, m...
endurance riding
    Contests judged for speed and fitness of the horse over 25-, 50-, and 100-mile courses.
mouth, hard or soft
    Describes the horse`s relative responsiveness to the reins.
  1. Easily startled. a spooky horse is not suitable for a beginning rider of any age.

  2. An easily startled horse.
    Gymnastic maneuvers performed on the back of a cantering horse.
barn sour
  1. Herd-bound; a dislike of leaving the company of other horses, or of leaving the stable.

  2. Herd-bound; a bad habit that may result in a horse bolting back to the barn or to his herdmat...
    Leather straps under the flaps of english saddles, to which the buckles of the girth attach.
grade horse
    One not registered with a breed association, and usually not a purebred.
gaited horse
  1. One possessing a gait beyond the natural walk, trot, and canter; gaited breeds include the american saddlebred, icelandic, missouri fox trotter, paso fino, peruvian paso, tennessee walking hor...
cross country jumping
    Riding over a course of fences and obstacles constructed over natural terrain.
tacking up
    Saddling and bridling a horse.
ground training
    Schooling of the horse from the ground, rather than from the saddle. includes in-hand work and longeing.
shetland pony
    Smallest of the pony breeds, originating in the shetland islands.
  1. The art of riding. equitation classes are judged on the rider`s correctness of form, proper use of aids, and control over the horse; classes are held for english equitation, western equitation...
ring sour
  1. The attitude of a horse that doesn`t enjoy being ridden in an arena and looks for ways to leave the ring or quit working.

  2. A poor attitude in a horse who does not enjoy working in an...
  1. The fastest gait; it consists of four beats followed by a moment of suspension.

  2. The fastest of the equine gaits.
  1. The joint just above the hoof that seems like an ankle (although it doesn`t correspond to the human ankle).

  2. The joint between the knee and hoof

  3. The tuft of hair on the ba...
    The outline of a horse from the top of his head to the top of his tail.
pre-purchase exam
    The process of having a veterinarian check your prospective horse or pony for health and soundness; also called a vet check or "vetting."
off side
  1. The right side of the horse.

  2. The horse`s right side.
stirrup leathers
    The straps connecting the stirrups to an english saddle; also known as "leathers."
blue roan
    A black horse with white hairs speckled
dorsal stripe
    A black stripe down the back of the horse
    A breed of horse
tennessee walker
    A breed of horse
warm blood
    A breed of horse
round pen
    A circular pen used to exercise or train horses.
  1. A coat color of tan body and white mane and tail

  2. Пегая лошадь с белой гривой
navicular disease
    A disease that disintegrates the navicular bone
brood mare
    A female horse kept for breeding
    A greek man know as ‘the father of classical equitation’ (430-ca 335 b.c.). he wrote the first fully preserved manual on the care of the riding horse- “the art of horsemanship”.
    A horse that can be ridden and handled
at grass
    A horse that is pastured year round and one source of nutrition is grass.
cutting horse
    A horse trained to ‘cut’ one calf out of a herd and keep it separate
  1. A horse, or having to do with horses

  2. The family of equidae, horses, asses, and zebras.
breast collar
  1. A leather piece of tack that goes a cross the horse’s chest, helping to keep the saddle in place, or just to be decorative.

  2. A horse collar that fits over the horse`s chest instead o...
hay net
    A loosely woven rope bag made to hold hay.
hoof pick
  1. A metal implement used to remove mud and stones from horse’s hooves.

  2. A metal one-tined "rake" to clean debris from a horse`s hoof.
barrel race
    A rodeo event where the horse is raced around 3 barrels and is timed.

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