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Catamaran Glossary

heel, heeling
  1. When a boat tilts away from the wind, caused by wind blowing on the sails and pulling the top of the mast over. some heeling is normal when under sail.

  2. The inboard or lower end of a...
stiff (opposite of tender)
    A boat that resists heeling.
great circle route
    A course that is the shortest distance between two points. the center of a great circle is the center of the earth.
barber hauler (in-hauler)
    A device of lines and blocks which helps pull the jib in or out to provide a better shape.
spinnaker halyard
    A halyard used to raise the spinnaker.
gennaker (screacher)
    A large genoa-like headsail, usually flown from a soft spectra luff wire.
parachute anchor (sea anchor)
    A large parachute-shaped device that is used to minimize drift and stop the boat.
lazy sheet
    A line attached to a sail but not currently in use. the line currently in use is known as the working sheet. the working and lazy sheets usually change when the boat is tacked.
trip line
    A line attached to the end of an anchor to help free it from the ground.
anchor locker
    A locker used to store the anchor rode and anchor in.
back splice
    A method of weaving the end of a rope to keep it from unraveling.
trunk (daggerboard trunk)
    A strong housing in which the daggerboard is lowered and raised.
roller reefing
    A system of reefing a sail by partially furling it. roller furling systems are not necessarily designed to support roller reefing.
greenwich meridian time (gmt)
    A time standard that is not affected by time zones or seasons. now called coordinated universal time (utc).
square top main
    A type of mainsail which has a large headboard and is quadrilateral to extend sail area.
storm trysail
    A very strong sail used in stormy weather. it is loose-footed and attached to the mast, but not the boom; this helps prevent boarding waves from damaging the sail or the rigging.
anchor windlass
    A windlass used to assist when raising the anchor.
stay (shroud, forestay, backstay)
    A wire rope used to support the mast.
running backstay (runners)
    Also known as a runner. an adjustable stay used to control tension on the mast.
main (cross) beam
    Crossbeam between the middle section of a catamaran. usually the mast is stepped on the main beam.
nautical miles
    Distance at sea is measured in nautical miles, which are about 6067.12 feet, 1.15 statute miles or exactly 1,852 meters. nautical miles have the unique property which is that a minute of latitude ... nm; морские мили;
spring lines
    Docking lines that help keep a boat from moving fore and aft while docked.
lying a hull
    Drifting in heavy seas with all sails lowered and helm locked.
steerage way
    In order for the rudder to be able to properly steer the boat it must be moving through the water. the speed necessary for control is known as steerage way.
code zero
    Large gennaker (screacher) type headsail, sheeted as far aft and inboard as possible.
bridge deck (wing deck)
    Main structure that spans between the hulls of a catamaran; vulnerable to pounding if engineered too low.
haul out
    Remove a boat from the water.
seagull striker
    Rigid reinforcement structure on the forward beam of a catamaran to resist the upward pull of the forestay.
    Safety lines running along the deck used to attach a tether from a safety harness.
beach cat
    Small trailerable catamaran, usually 12- 20’ long (such as the hobie cat)
spinnaker pole (only on monohulls)
    Sometimes called a spinnaker boom. a pole used to extend the foot of the spinnaker beyond the edge of the boat and to secure the corner of the sail.
irons (in irons)
    Stalling a sailboat head into the wind with no further progress.
reef points
    Strong grommets sewn into luff and leach of sail.
fouled (snafu)
    Tangled lines.
stability (stiffness)
    The ability of a boat to keep from heeling or rolling excessively, and to quickly return upright after heeling.
backing (wind)
  1. The changing of the wind direction, opposite of veering. clockwise in the southern hemisphere, counterclockwise in the northern hemisphere.

  2. Левое вращение (ветра). изменение направл...
sail trim
    The position of the sails relative to the wind and desired point of sail. sails that are not trimmed properly may not operate efficiently. visible signs of trim are excessive heeling and the flow ...
sail shape
    The shape of a sail, with regard to its efficiency. in high winds, a sail would probably be flatter, in low winds rounder. other circumstances can cause a sail to twist. controls such as the outha...
back winded
    The state of a sail with the wind pushing on the wrong side of it, causing it to be pushed away from the wind.
sideslip (making leeway)
    The tendency of a boat to move sideways in the water instead of along its heading due to the motion of currents or winds. singlehand (shorthanded)
rail (bulwark, gunwale)
    The top outside deck edge.
under deck (bridge deck)
    The underside of a catamaran’s wing deck.
deck head
    The underside of the deck, viewed from below (the ceiling.)
jibe (also gybe)
    To change direction when sailing in such a manner that the stern of the boat passes through the eye of the wind and the boom changes sides. careful control of the boom and mainsail are required wh...
bear away, bear off
    To fall off. a boat falls off the wind when it points its bow farther from the eye of the wind. the opposite of heading up.
round up
    To turn into the wind.
dead ending
    Tying off.
meridian time (gmt)
    Zero (0) hours utc is midnight in greenwich, england, which lies on the zero longitudinal meridian.
dinghy, dink
    1) a small boat used to travel from a boat to shore, carrying people or supplies. also known as a tender. 2) the act of using a dinghy.
    A boat capable of draining any water from its decks and cockpit by the principle of gravity.
    A cover used to shelter the cockpit from the sun.
    A metal extrusion fitted around the forestay and used to secure the luff of the jib by holding its bolt rope in place.
    A series of satellites that provide twoway communications.
    An urgent radio-announced message regarding the safety of people or property. a mayday call is used when there is an immediate threat to life or property. a pan-pan situation may develop into a ma...
    To charter a boat without a skipper.

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