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Глоссарии и словари бюро переводов Фларус

Поиск в глоссариях:  

Глоссарий по магнитным испытаниям

Многие термины адаптированы из глоссария по неразрушающему контролю. Некоторые термины применяются в целом к неразрушающему контролю и не являются специфическими для магнитной техники.

settling test
  1. One procedure used to determine the concentration of magnetic particles in a new bath or to check for contamination or other bath problems.

  2. Centrifuge tube and particle concentratio...
particle concentration
  1. Amount of powder suspended within a known sample volume of bath. typically measured using a settling test, or through evaporation and weighing.

  2. Centrifuge tube. percent internationa...
demagnetizing coil
  1. Solenoid or coil carrying the current to be used for demagnetization. current waveform may be alternating for pass-through solenoids, or a rectified current when a multiple-step downcycle dema...
tesla meter
  1. Magnetometer used to measure active or residual magnetic induction in the location and direction of interest.

  2. Flux meter, hall effect.
longitudinal magnetic field
  1. Active or residual magnetization oriented along the longest axis of the part.

  2. Longitudinal magnetization and magnetic flow technique.
magnetic flow technique
  1. Longitudinal magnetization technique where at least part of the test object completes a magnetic circuit.

  2. Longitudinal magnetization and yoke.
swinging field magnetization
  1. One form of multidirectional magnetization where two time varying magnetic fields are combined such that the resultant vector magnetization rapidly rotates through an angle.

  2. Multidi...
magnetic stripe card
  1. In magnetic particle testing, a credit card sized device with encoded magnetic reversals of varying strength for regular evaluation of bath sensitivity.

  2. Particle concentration. comp...
skin depth
  1. In electromagnetic testing, the depth at which the magnetic field intensity or intensity of induced eddy currents has decreased to 37 percent of its surface value. the square of the depth of p...
flux meter
  1. Device that measures total change in magnetic flux density by monitoring the voltage induced in a coil.8

  2. Tesla meter. 380 magnetic testing footcandle (ftc): non-si unit of illuminan...
laminated pole pieces
    Articulated pole pieces.
pulse magnetization
    Capacitor discharge technique.
suspension vehicle
    Carrier fluid.
circumferential magnetization
    Circular magnetization.
head shot
    Current flow technique.
prod magnetization
    Current flow technique.
    Direct current downcycle demagnetization.
lines of force
pseudoisochromatic plates
  1. Testing device used for color vision examinations. each plate bears an image that would be difficult for the examinee to

  2. If their color vision was impaired.3
field flow technique
    Magnetic flow technique.
articulated pole pieces
  1. Independently adjustable legs of an electromagnetic yoke enabling satisfactory contact on irregular test object profiles. asnt: american society for nondestructive testing. asnt recommended pr...
remanent magnetism
    Residual magnetic field.
flux indicator
    Shared flux indicator.
spectral luminous efficiency
    Spectral responsivity.
ketos ring
    Test ring.
ultraviolet source
  1. Term for the device providing excitation energy for fluorescent materials.

  2. Uv-a radiation source. unified numbering system: alphanumeric system for identifying alloys according to a...
acceptance limit
    Test signal value used in electromagnetic testing, establishing the group to which a material under test belongs.4
ampere turn
    Unit for expressing the magnetomotive force required for magnetization using a coil in terms of the product of the number of coil turns and the current in amperes flowing through the coil. 376 mag...
arc strikes
    Localized heat damage to an object sometimes caused by poor arc weld initiation technique or by poor coupling between a test object and contact pads or prods.
bucking field
    Magnetic flow technique configuration where poles of like polarity are induced on the ends of a test object to force magnetization into extremities that are normally field free.
cone cells
    Common name for three color sensitive photoreceptors concentrated at the inner region of the retina. cones assist with mesopic vision and are responsible for photopic vision. compare rod cells.
contact pad
    Replaceable metal pad, usually made of braided copper and/or lead, that prevents electrical arcing between the headstock and test object during a head shot.
dry powder
    Ferromagnetic particles, larger than those used in wet suspensions, introduced to the test object surface by dusting or puffing.
dry technique
    Magnetic particle test technique, generally used with portable equipment, where the ferromagnetic particles are applied as powder. dual-use particle: magnetic particle coated with pigment that pro...
fluorescent particle
    Magnetic particle coated with pigment that fluoresces when excited with uv-a radiation. testing with fluorescent particles is performed under low ambient lighting and controlled ultraviolet radiat...
flux leakage field
    Magnetic field that leaves or enters the surface of an object.4
flux leakage technique
    Electromagnetic test technique for the detection and analysis of a surface discontinuity or near-surface discontinuity using the flux that leaves a magnetically saturated, or nearly saturated, tes...
hall effect
    Potential difference developed across a conductor at right angles to the direction of both the magnetic field and the electric current. produced when current flows along a rectangular conductor su...
hall effect detector
    Semiconductor element that produces an output electromotive force proportional to the product of the magnetic field intensity and a biasing current.4
incremental permeability
    Ratio of the change in magnetic induction to the corresponding change in magnetizing force.4
internal conductor
    Rod of conductive material threaded through a hole in a cylindrical test object to induce circular magnetic flux. an internal conductor may be centered in the hole (a central conductor) or be offs...
lifting power
    In magnetic particle testing, the mass of a ferromagnetic bar that a yoke can suspend through attraction. often this mass is provided as a minimum that the yoke must meet or exceed.
magnetic gradient
    Change in magnetic field intensity (a·m–2). magnetic particle testing: nondestructive test technique where induced magnetism in a ferromagnetic sample forms localized poles at surface and near-sur...
magnetic rubber
    Replica casting medium containing magnetic particles, which when cured and removed from a properly magnetized recess, provides a permanent mold with visible indications.
magnetic writing
    Nonrelevant indication that may be caused when two magnetized objects come into contact.
pie gage
    One type of shared flux indicator in the form of a handle mounted disk comprised of ferromagnetic wedges surrounded by a copper matrix. when properly demagnetized before use the space between wedg...
pocket field indicator
    Small, hand held device used to display the intensity of uniform external magnetic flux as angular deflection of a display needle. the device contains a permanent reference magnet coupled to a mov...
powder blower
    Compressed air device used to deliver a cloud of dry magnetic particles to the surface of a test object.
quick break
    Sudden cessation of magnetizing current. a quick break is needed when using three-phase full-wave rectified alternating current during coil or induced current magnetization. the rapid change in cu...
rod cells
    Low light photoreceptors concentrated toward the outer region of the retina. rods assist with mesopic vision and are responsible for scotopic night vision. compare cone cells. root mean square (rm...
shared flux indicator
    Device held in intimate contact with test object during active magnetization to show the direction of magnetic induction. examples include the berthold penetrameter, magnetic flux indicator strip ...
visible particle
    Common term describing finely divided powder for use in nonfluorescent magnetic particle tests. the particles may be their natural color or may be coated to enhance contrast. testing using visible...
wet horizontal unit
    Stationary equipment that provides a measured amount of electric current to a headstock and tailstock, allows bath application and may be equipped with a rigid multiple-turn magnetizing coil.
wet technique
    Testing procedure in which the suspended magnetic particles are applied as a well agitated bath.

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