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Глоссарий терминов PowerPoint (с сайта Microsoft)

Описание инструментов и терминов в системе PowerPoint, которые необходимы редакторам и переводчикам при переводе, вычитке, корректуре и редактуре презентаций в формате PPT.

atom record
    A record that contains presentation data. analogous to a file system, atom records are similar to files that contain data and container records are similar to directories that provide structure an...
audio interchange file format (aiff)
    A sound file format that was originally used on macintosh and silicon graphics (sgi) computers. aiff stores waveform files in an 8-bit monaural format. see also waveform (wav).
audio video interleaved (avi)
    A multimedia file format for sound and video that uses the microsoft resource interchange file format (riff).
augmented backus-naur form (abnf)
    A modified version of backus-naur form (bnf), commonly used by internet specifications. abnf notation balances compactness and simplicity with reasonable representational power. abnf differs from ...
    Multiple-byte values that are byte-ordered with the most significant byte stored in the memory location with the lowest address.
build identifier
    An integer that identifies a build.
container record
    A record that defines the structure and hierarchy of atom records and other container records.
cyclic redundancy check (crc)
    An algorithm used to produce a checksum (a small, fixed number of bits) against a block of data, such as a packet of network traffic or a block of a computer file. the crc is a broad class of func...
encrypted document
    A document that was converted from plaintext into cipher text to disguise the content of the document when it is stored or sent.
external object
    An object such as a movie file, audio file, ole object, or hyperlink that can be associated with a presentation or document.
grid unit
    A unit of linear measurement that is equal to 1/1024 master unit or 1/589824 inch.
handout master slide
    A slide that defines layout and positioning information for handout pages, which are pages that are optimized for printing a presentation.
handout slide
    A slide that is taken from a presentation and then printed and distributed to the audience of the presentation. users can select the number of slides to be printed on each page in a handout.
hue-saturation-luminance (hsl)
    A color model that defines a color by using three dimensions
    Multiple-byte values that are byte-ordered with the least significant byte stored in the memory location with the lowest address.
main master slide
    A slide that defines the formatting and content that can be used by presentation slides. if a slide uses formatting and content from a main master slide, it is referred to as following a main mast...
media control interface (mci)
    A part of the windows api that enables an application to control multimedia devices. the term is also used to generically describe any media object that can be played through the interface.
musical instrument digital interface (midi)
    A specification of the midi manufacturers association (mma). the specification for musical instrument digital interface (midi) defines a protocol for describing music data, such as note on and not...
named show
    A named sequence of slides that can be displayed as a slide show.
notes master slide
    A slide that defines the formatting and content that can be used by notes slides for a presentation. if a notes slide uses formatting and content from a notes master slide, it is referred to as fo...
notes slide
    A slide that contains presentation notes or other information that is not displayed during a slide show. the formatting and content of a notes slide can derive from a notes master slide.
object linking and embedding (ole)
    A technology for transferring and sharing information between applications by inserting a file or part of a file into a compound document. the inserted file can be either embedded or linked. see a...
ole compound file
    A form of structured storage, as described in [ms-cfb]. a compound file allows independent storages and streams to exist within a single file.
persist object
    A top-level object that can be independently persisted and that forms the basis of an incremental save model. a persist object is one of the following
persist object directory
    A table of persist object identifiers and stream offsets to where persist objects can be found. each user edit stores a persist object directory that identifies where any new and modified persist ...
persist object identifier
    A unique identifier that is associated with a persist object and is stored in a persist object directory.
placeholder shape
    A special type of shape in a presentation that usually includes common visual properties. these are used to effect a uniform look among different slides, or to uniformly represent meta-information...
presentation comment
    A text note that is attached to a slide to enable readers of a presentation to provide feedback to the presentation author.
presentation slide
    A slide that contains the content that can be displayed during a slide show. a presentation slide can derive formatting and content from a main master slide or a title master slide.
programmable tag
    A name/value pair. the value can be either a unicode string or binary data.
routing slip
    Information that specifies how a document is to be distributed from a document originator and processed by one or more recipients. it also specifies subject and message body text that is associate...
shape identifier
    An integer that corresponds to a shape object or an instantiation of a shape object.
slide layout
    An organizational scheme, such as title only or comparison, for content on a presentation slide.
smart tag
    A feature that adds the ability to recognize and label specific data types, such as people`s names, within a document and displays an action button that enables users to perform common tasks for t...
sound identifier
    A unique identifier for an embedded or linked sound.
table object
    A group of shapes that are arranged in rows and columns to form a table.
text ruler
    A collection of settings for tabs, margins, and indentation of text. see also ruler.
time condition
    A logical condition that can be evaluated, or an event that can be triggered, to determine whether timed object behavior starts or ends. conditions include items such as the start or end of time n...
time node
    A record or parent node that stores the information that is necessary to cause a time- or action-based effect to occur. each time node has a corresponding object to which an effect is applied. it ...
title master slide
    A slide that defines the formatting and content that can be used by presentation slides that have a title slide layout. if a slide uses formatting and content from a title master slide, it is refe...
universal naming convention (unc)
    A string format that specifies the location of a resource. for more information, see [ms-dtyp] section 2.2.57.
user edit
    A set of persist objects and a persist object directory that represent changes made by a user. each time a file is written, a user edit that contains only those persist objects that are new or mod...
visual basic for applications (vba)
    A macro-based programming language that derives from microsoft visual basic and can be used to customize and extend an application. unlike visual basic, vba code and macros can be run only from wi...
waveform (wav)
    A file format in which windows stores sounds as waveforms. depending on the sampling frequency, whether the sound is monaural or stereo, and whether 8 or 16 bits are used for each sample, one minu...

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