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Abdominal aorta

Glossary of Anatomy (Italiano-Inglese)
    The part of the aorta which lies between the diaphragm and the point where the aorta divides into the iliac arteries. see illustration at kidney in supplement

Aorta addominale, итальянский

Abdominal, английский

Abdominal cavity, английский
    The space in the body below the chest

Abdominal distension, английский
    A condition in which the abdomen is stretched because of gas or fluid

Abdominal pain, английский
    Pain in the abdomen caused by indigestion or more serious disorders

Abdominal viscera, английский
    The organs which are contained in the abdomen, e.g. the stomach, liver and intestines

Abdominal wall, английский
    Muscular tissue which surrounds the abdomen

Abdominales (jna), английский

Abdominalgia, английский

Abdominalis, e, латинский

Aorta, итальянский

Aorta, английский
  1. Aorta

  2. The main artery in the body, which sends blood containing oxygen from the heart to other blood vessels around the body. see illustration at heart in supplement comment: the aorta is about 45 centimetres long. it leaves the left ventricle, rises where the carotid arteries branch off, then goes downwards through the abdomen and divides into the two iliac arteries. the aorta is the blood vessel which carries all arterial blood from the heart. aortic 24

Aorta, шведский

Aorta, финский

Aorta, испанский

Aorta addominale, итальянский

Aorta arch, английский

Aorta artery, английский

Aorta ascendente, итальянский

Aorta discendente, итальянский

Aortalgia, финский

Illustration, английский

Supplement, английский
  1. Приложение, дополнение; дополнительный

  2. 1. any extra nutrients that are taken to help a specific condition when someone is not getting all they need from their food  vitamin and folic acid supplements 2. a pill or product regarded as helpful in improving health that can be bought 403 surgery without a prescription. supplements are not tested in the same way as prescription drugs.  dietary or food supplements  verb to add on or increase above what is taken usually  she supplemented her diet with folic acid when she was planning a pregnancy.

Aorta ascendente, итальянский

Aorta addominale, итальянский