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Guiderail cap

Glossary of Timber Bridge Terminology
    The timber piece at the top of a guiderail that finishes, or "caps" the railing.

Cap, английский
  1. Capsule

  2. Cone of sheet iron on steel, with a hole in the apex through which a chain passes, fitted over the end of a log to prevent catching on stumps in skidding (8).

  3. The upper member of a column, pilaster, door cornice, molding, or fireplace.

  4. Caput — глава, параграф, часть, раздел

  5. Капитал. в широком смысле - аккумулированная (совокупная) сумма товаров, имущества, активов, используемых для получения прибыли, богатства. капитал - в экономике - один из четырех основных факторов производства, представленный всеми средствами производств

  6. Canadian aircraft products

  7. Capacitor

  8. Capacity

  9. Civil air patrol

  10. Cleared as planned

  11. Combat air patrol

  12. Configuration analysis program

  13. Contractor acquired property

  14. Cost awareness program

  15. Channel access protocol

  16. Cooperative agreements program (fgdc)

  17. A recognition earned by a player for each appearance in an international game for his country.

  18. 1. a covering which protects something 2. an artificial hard covering for a damaged or broken tooth capd capd abbr continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis

  19. Шляпа, шапка; окат рукава

  20. A strong thick block of wood having two large holes through it, the one square, the other round, used to confine two masts together, when one is erected at the head of the other, in order to lengthen it. the principal caps of a ship are those of the lower masts, which are fitted with a strong eye-bolt on each side, wherein to hook the block by which the top-mast is drawn up through the cap. in the same manner as the top mast slides up through the cap of the lower mast, the topgallant-mast slides up through the cap of the

  21. Fly-away. a cloud-bank on the horizon, mistaken for land, which disappears as the ship advances. (see fog.)

  22. [1] a metal collar for joining two spars or masts. [2] the top of a mast (cf. truck). [3] a covering for a ropes-end, usually made of leather or tarred canvas. [4] see combat air patrol.

Cap, английский

Cap, английский

Cap, русский
    Сохранение летной годности

Cap, английский

Cap, английский

Cap, английский

Cap, английский

Cap, румынский

Cap, испанский

Cap, итальянский
    Clausola di contratto riguardante i mercati finanziari e dei mutui. sancisce che il tasso d`interesse variabile di cui sara caricato il beneficiario di un finanziamento non potra superare un valore massimo fissato (tetto) nel momento dell`accensione dello

Cap, турецкий

Cap (direction), французский

Cap (верхнее значение ставки), русский
    Максимальное значение процентной ставки, которое может принять ставка по ипотечному кредиту с плавающей ставкой. используется при периодических переустановках плавающей ставки.

Cap / primary / intermediate shruods, английский
    Топовые / основные / средние ванты

Cap block, английский

Cap cable, английский
    In prestressed concrete, a short cable introduced to prestress the zone of negative bending. cape ann house a rectangular house, commonly one or one and a half stories high, that

Cap common agricultural policy, английский
    Осхп общая сельскохозяйственная политика евросоюза

Cap crimper, английский

Cap di prestito, итальянский
    Clausola, eventualmente presente nei mutui ipotecari a tasso variabile, che impedisce al tasso d`interesse di salire oltre un certo limite lungo tutta la durata del finanziamento. questa clausola stabilisce e limita il costo massimo di un prestito e quind

Cap edge, английский

Refusal, английский
  1. This is a term used in pile driving. when the piling is driven into the ground to the point that the piling is "refusing" to penetrate the ground further with the weight of the heavy equipment used in driving bearing on the piling. at this point

  2. The depth below which a pile cannot be driven.

  3. A condition arrived at when driving pipe, casing, piling, etc., when it cannot be driven to a greater depth or made to penetrate the ground a distance of more than 1 foot per 100 blows delivered by a drive hammer.

  4. Количество ударов молота при забивке, необходимое для погружения сваи на заданную глубину, отказ сваи

Dead load, английский
  1. The static load imposed by the weight of the materials that make up a given structure.

  2. Балласт

  3. A wheeled device used to simulate an aircraft when catapult-testing.

  4. The downward pressure on a structure caused by gravity only, such as the weight of a long string of drill rods suspended from the sheave in a drill derrick. also called static load.