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Редакторская правка в научных исследованиях

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Переводы и редактура текстов для маркетплейсов

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Зачем нужно проверять автоматические субтитры перед переводом?

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Особенности редактирования презентации в формате pptx

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Редактирование субтитров

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Популярные языки в переводах за апрель 2024 года

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Повреждения древесины
  1. Участок с отколовшейся древесиной в приторцовой зоне лесоматериала. по мере удаления от торца толщина отколовшейся части уменьшается. возникает при заготовке или обработке лесоматериалов.

  2. Небольшая ниша на ребре рундиста.

Chip, английский
  1. Small piece of wood used to make pulp. chips are made either from wood waste in a sawmill or pulpwood operation, or from pulpwood specifically cut for this purpose. chips are larger and coarser than sawdust (12).

  2. An integrated circuit in which all the components are micro-fabricated on a tiny piece of

  3. A thin silicon wafer on which electronic components are deposited in the form of integrated circuits; the basis of digital systems.

  4. An integrated circuit in which all the components are micro-fabricated on a tiny piece of silicon or similar material.

  5. Common name for sensor, actually a silicon wafer with circuit paths etched or printed in layers.

  6. A broken fragment of marble or other mineral aggregate, screened to a specified size.

  7. Скол

  8. Используется в производстве жидкокристаллических индикаторов)

  9. Интерфейсный процессор с посимвольной обработкой данных

  10. A jagged, shallow break that affects value and poses a potential durability problem.

  11. Shallow break on a diamond which extends from a facet junction or girdle edge and is larger or deeper than a nick.

  12. Small fragment of a diamond, usually thin and tabular in shape.

  13. To break small fragments from the surface of a diamond or other material.

  14. Small, angular, and generally flat pieces of rock or other materials.

  15. The solid form of a polymer before being melted or dissolved for extrusion.

  16. Твердая форма полимера перед расплавлением или растворением для экструзии.

  17. Чип, микросхема.

  18. Chemicals hazard information and packaging for supply (dg chip labels)

  19. Chemicals hazard information and packaging regulations

Face, английский
  1. "лицо" (глаза, нос, рот, щеки и губы)

  2. The front part of the head, from the forehead to the chin

  3. Side of a hill or mountain being logged.

  4. Field ancillary computer effort

  5. Federation of associations on the canadian environment

  6. The front part of the head, where the eyes, nose and mouth are placed  verb to have your face towards or to look towards something  please face the screen.

  7. Скол

  8. The edge of a sharp instrument. also, the word of command to soldiers, marines, and small-arm men, to turn upon the heel a quarter or half a circle round in the direction ordered.

  9. [1] usn command to turn on the heel to left or right as ordered (the rn term is turn). [2] the after surface of a propeller blade (confusingly, the forward surface is the “back”).

  10. That part of a bit in contact with the bottom of a borehole when drilling is in progress and which cuts the material being drilled. also called cutting face, working face.

  11. To cover or build up a surface, such as the face or cutting points of a bit, with a layer of metal usually applied by a welding method. see dress 1, hard face. `

  12. One of the flat, more or less smooth, surfaces of a mineral crystal. 4. the bottom of a drill or borehole. 5. in any adit, tunnel, stope, or other underground workplace, the end at which work is progressing or was done last. also called. working face.

  13. The horse`s head. also, to turn toward a cow.

  14. The front side of the fabric as opposed to the back. this is the side of the fabric that is normally treated and tested to meet commercial standards. see id cord.

  15. The active front of excavation of the coal/ore in a mine.

  16. The location where excavation is taking place.

  17. The undisturbed soil immediately ahead of the shield.

  18. Треугольная или четырехугольная плоская поверхность, являющаяся базовым элементом произвольной трехмерной поверхности.

Лесоматериал, русский
    Материал из древесины, сохранивший её природную физическую структуру и химический состав

Козырек, русский
    Выступающий над поверхностью торца участок древесины, возникший в результате неполного поперечного пропиливания лесоматериала.

Отщеп, русский
    Отходящая от торца круглого лесоматериала сквозная боковая трещина. возникает при заготовке и распиловке лесоматериалов.