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Cie xyz chromaticity coordinates

    Plotted to for the xyy chromaticity diagram which visually represents the gamut of vision for the 1931 cie 2° standard observer. calculated from the cie xyz tristimulus values.

Chromaticity, английский
  1. The color quality of light which is defined by the wavelength (hue) and saturation. chromaticity defines all the qualities of color except its brightness.

  2. The color quality of light definable by its dominant (or complementary) wavelength and its purity, taken together. chrome green 1. a green pigment made by blending lead chromate yellow and iron blue pigments. 2. chromium oxide.

  3. Цветность; хроматичность

  4. The quality of color expressed as a function of wavelength and purity.

Tristimulus, английский

Cielab (or cie l*a*b*, cie lab), английский
    Color space in which values l*, a* and b* are plotted at right angles to one another to form a three dimensional coordinate system. equal distances in the space approximately represent equal color differences. value l* represents lightness; value a* repre

Cie xy chromaticity diagram, английский
    A two-dimensional graph of the chromaticity coordinates, x as the abscissa and as the ordinate, which shows the spectrum locus (chromaticity coordinates of monachromatic light, 380-770nm). it has many useful properties for comparing colors of both luminou